5 Biggest First-Time Sex Mistakes

Follow these tips to have fun and ensure that your first time together won't be your last!
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The first time you sleep with a new guy, there can be a lot riding on it. Sex introduces a new intimacy and vulnerability to a relationship, or at the very least, it changes it. That first time, you’re giving him a preview of what’s to come. To make sure you don’t rub him the wrong way, here are the five mistakes to avoid making the first time you sleep with him…

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26 thoughts on “5 Biggest First-Time Sex Mistakes

  1. Fern says:

    This great advice, especially #3 about staying confident the next morning. But I can’t agree with #5. It’s one thing not to call after a date, but if you’ve spend the night together he ABSOLUTELY MUST call you the next day if he has any manners whatsoever.

  2. prettygirl945 says:

    #6 is the worst

  3. kitty says:

    Um … interested to know what your #6 is, prettygirl945! Seeing as how there are only 5 tips here ….

  4. lovesbetty says:

    Doing it unprotected is more than a first time mistake… never do it unprotected.

  5. Fashionista says:

    Sleeping with a D-bag is #6, Kitty. It says it right in the article.

  6. OldWrangler says:

    Number 3 and 4 are dead on. Get up the next morning, confidentially say “Good-bye” and get the F*#& out. I will call if I want to bang you again!!!

  7. AMZ7 says:

    My sentiments exactly Old Pimp–oh excuse me, I mean Old Wrangler. Who wants a serious relationship!!! They’re boring and too suffocating.

  8. KittyK says:

    W.O.W.!!! OldWrangler and AMZ7: How old are you two??? If that’s your reaction to a first time experience, it may well be your LAST!! I can’t speak for the males, but *I* sure as blazes wouldn’t give a jerk-off reaction like YOURS the time of day again! A first time is supposed to be beautiful… NOT DISGUSTING!!!!!

  9. ROSHANDA says:

    I totally and absolutely agree with lovesbetty; never go unprotected because it just irresponsible and if he doesn’t call the next day, next two weeks, or ever again for that matter you may have something to remember him by, for a long time or forever and ever amen……

  10. holle says:

    thanks for the good advice

  11. esolkneerod says:

    Wow, when did having sex with someone for the first time require 5 “tips” instead of honest emotion? Really, if your relationship hasn’t made it to the no games stage by the time you 2 decide to have sex, why bother?

  12. No Maam says:

    A smart woman knows that when a wakes up in the morning he doesn’t want to see you still in bed with him.

    Remember, ladies: A man doesn’t pay a prostitute for sex; he pays her to leave.

  13. Rick Smith says:

    As long as you are doing safe there will be no problem. The only problem is doing it for the first time without the protection you need.

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  15. viliky says:

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  17. FRIV2G says:

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  20. torrents says:

    Never go unprotected because it just irresponsible and if he doesn't call the next day, next two weeks, or ever again for that matter you may have something to remember him by, for a long time or forever and ever amen……

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  22. Bloggerwits says:

    Few things play an important role in love
    1. Take care of each other
    2. Compromise
    3. Love, Love and Love each other
    4. Keep some space/ Give space
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