5 Reasons I Love Shopping … for My Daughter

Call me a vicarious shopper, but I'd rather search for a 6X than my own size-whatever the heck that is!
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5 Reasons I Love Shopping … for My Daughter

Call me a vicarious shopper, but I’d rather search for a 6X than my own size—whatever the heck that is!

-April Daniels Hussar, Sponsored by Zulily.com

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The other day I spent a happy couple of hours at the mall. I found exactly what I needed; everything was just the right size, and I knew it was all going to look great. It was truly a perfect shopping experience. Only one little thing: Nothing was for me! Nope, as a matter of fact, it was all for my daughter, who was smart enough to be born right at the beginning of spring, thus ensuring many birthdays filled with adorable new summer clothes. (As I explain to my husband –We’d have to buy these things, anyway! Right, honey?)

Driving home, I realized that I wasn’t drained or crabby like I usually am when I attempt a shopping trip for myself. I guess you really know you’re a grownup when you enjoy buying things for someone else more than for yourself.

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Or maybe it’s just easier to find outfits that look good on a 7-year-old than on a 30-something mom who never quite sprang back into pre-baby shape (curses on you, Heidi Klum)!

Anyway, here are five reasons I love shopping … for my daughter.

1. Everything always looks good on her!
Of course it does. She’s a little kid, and however she looks is how she’s supposed to look. I love it. She doesn’t even have to try stuff on; all I need to know is her size and voila! Compare that to MOI – I’ve spent more hours than I care to think about in cramped little dressing rooms wondering why the people who put the sizes on the labels seem to be involved in some mass conspiracy to drive women crazy. “Mwhahaha – let’s make a size 6 at Ann Taylor a size 12 at H&M! They’ll pull their hair out! MWHAHAHA.”

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0 thoughts on “5 Reasons I Love Shopping … for My Daughter

  1. Our daughter was such a cutie pie girl when she ws little, liked dresses, matching bags, sunglasses, loved kitten heels.

    Now she’s a teenager. Won’t wear a dress except for church-no choice there.

    I miss my little dress up doll.

  2. When my daughter was little I loved to shop for her. Now that she’s 15 I would still rather shop for her – or give her money to shop with her friends – than shop for myself. They still look cute when they’re 15.

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