5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Don't Sweat the small stuff: Learn how to plan a wedding without freaking out
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5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Don’t sweat the small stuff: Learn how to plan a wedding without freaking out

-Emily Southwood

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The other night, after a meal served on our new-ish wedding dinnerware, we were reminiscing about this time last year as it is just coming up on our one-year anniversary. One of our guests, who attended our wedding up in Harrington, Canada, said: “You guys must have been freaking out.”

The huz and I glanced at each other and responded in unison, “Nope.”

“Really?” he said. “Doesn’t everyone stress out about their wedding?”

“We didn’t,” we said cheerily.

Now you may be rolling your eyes at the moment and thinking this is just the kind of nausea-inducing crap that newlyweds spew, however, I swear on my pre-recession, Jimmy Choo wedding shoes, it’s the truth. For years before I took the high dive into nuptial bliss, I assumed that planning a wedding had to be a series of nosebleeds and panic attacks. And the reason I assumed this is that it’s what most people will tell you – wedding planning is a bitch. Granted, planning a wedding is a mother load of organization and work. There is the guest-list to be decided on, the location, the flowers, the food – to name a mere few. It goes on, and on, and on, and no matter how much you plan, inevitably something will go wrong. That’s the bad news. But, coming from a bride who managed to escape the doldrums of wedding planning Prozac free, it presses upon me to remind others, as I was helpfully reminded, to take the time to smell the over-priced floral arrangements.

When we announced our engagement, a year prior to our wedding, one of my now-husband’s aunts pulled me aside, topped up my Pinot Grigio and said, “It goes fast, Sweetie. Don’t forget to enjoy it.”

“Marriage?” I said. She’s divorced and I thought maybe she was making a tipsy joke.

“No,” she laughed and said. “Some do, but no, your engagement. Don’t get so wrapped up in all the planning that you forget to enjoy your engagement. It’s a wonderful time.”

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