5 Ways to Beat Your Fall Beauty Problems

From dry lips to flyaway hair, we've got your cold weather beauty solutions.
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5 Ways to Beat Your Fall Beauty Problems

From dry lips to flyaway hair, we’ve got your cold weather beauty solutions.

-Paige Herman Axel

Fall Beauty

How is it that no sooner does the first leaf turn gold and flutter off a tree than we are battling with a whole slew of fall beauty issues. Drier, colder air means chapped lips, scaly skin and static hair problems. But BettyConfidential has tried and true ways to beat the cold weather beauty blues.

DDF Lip Therapy

Problem: Dry, chapped lips
Drier air is the culprit, A basic lip balm can temporarily relieve this, but then you have to reapply… and reapply… Look for lip products that contain superior hydrators and SPF to further protect your lips from damage. And since a little gloss is a plus, DDF’s Glossy Lip Therapy SPF 15 fits the bill perfectly. ($19, amazon.com)

Origins Tone Corrector

Problem: Uneven pigment
Any treatment for sun damage isn’t going to work if you’re still getting sun. Now is the time of year start using products that will even out your skin tone by spring. And remember, you should be wearing sunscreen year-round to maintain the results. To brighten up your skin without harsh or irritating ingredients, check out Origins’ Brighter By Nature Skin Tone Correcting Serum. ($39.50, origins.com)

Neutrogena Norwegian hand cream

Problem: Rough, dry hands
Gloves keep your hands warm, and protect them from the elements. But if you skip your gloves it can leave you with dry, cracked, rough skin. To remedy this potentially painful problem, try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fast Absorbing Hand Cream ($5.99, walgreens.com). Slather it on and cover your hands with cotton gloves right before you go to sleep. You’ll wake up with smoother, softer hands.

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