5 Ways to Save Your Smile

5 Ways to Save Your Smile!
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5 Ways to Save Your Smile

Protecting your smile now will keep it beautiful for years to come

-Paige Herman-Axel

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Your smile is one of the first things people see, and it can send a powerful message. A bright, healthy smile shows you take pride in your appearance, and can even boost your self-esteem. Just like the rest of your face and body, the smile ages, and years of improper care can leave you with stains, chips and even discomfort. So before you take your next sip of soda or another bite of sushi, consider these smile-saving tips.

1. Watch what you eat (and drink).
Dentists have long been advising patients to steer clear of foods and drinks that can stain the teeth. Coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, blueberries and other dark foods and beverages are high on the list of stain-causers. But if you’re not willing to give up that morning coffee or glass of wine, just make sure you brush after indulging, or use a product designed to help prevent stains, such as GoSmile Touch Up Minis. ($8, beauty.com)

Just when we thought we knew it all, the latest research shows that even light-colored beverages-especially those that combine sugar and acid-can cause damage as well. Lemonade and white wine are two big ones to watch out for, since the acid-and-sugar combo can make your teeth’s enamel more porous, and more susceptible to stains from any dark foods and drinks you may ingest afterwards.

2. Don’t use your teeth as tools.
Who hasn’t used their teeth to open a bag of chips, or as an extra set of hands? Remember, our teeth were designed for chewing – not to replace a pair of scissors. Every time you use your teeth for something other than eating (pen-chewers take heed) you risk chipping or cracking your teeth. This can also become more than an aesthetic problem since cracks can lead to tooth sensitivity.

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