No Plans? 5 Dates to Take Yourself On This Valentine’s Day

Who needs a man when there are plenty of fun things you can do solo on Valentine's Day?
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Date #3: Try speed dating
With love floating through the air and your taken pals wondering if their man will pop the question, there’s enough sickeningly sticky sweetness going around to disgust you. So why not play a little joke on Mr. Cupid and Mr. Hallmark, who’ve been causing you so much irritation? Attend a speed dating event and be a different lady in each round. Want to be a flight attendant? A chef? A circus performer? Try it out for size, bring your single ladies along for the ride, and share stories as you laugh the whole way home.

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Date #4: Celebrate being a lady
Several years ago, Eve Ensler started The Vagina Monologues as a way to give a voice to a woman’s experience of being… well, a woman. Named after the part we don’t show enough TLC, the hilarious and gut-wrenching performances shed light on issues we often shy away from discussing. Find an event near you at, celebrate being a lady, and know you’re helping women with each giggle.

Date #5: Go “sexy shopping”
Even if there isn’t anyone who is deemed worthy enough to see you stylin’ in your lingerie, a lady never needs an excuse to indulge in luxury. Save the money you would have spent on a Valentine for a guy and buy yourself something that makes you feel incredibly sexy. When V-day makes its debut, make sure you’re wearing your skimpies under your clothes. Regardless of where you go or how you celebrate the night, you’ll know how truly lovely you really are and everything will be for your eyes only. This year, anyways.

Tell us: What date will you be taking yourself on this Valentine’s Day?

Instead of worrying about a man writing one, write yourself a love letter this Valentine’s Day with Lindsay’s “A Valentine to Me” initiative.

Lindsay Tigar is a writer and editor living in New York, NY. She writes a popular daily blog called Confessions of a Love Addict that chronicles her journey to self-love and dating adventures in Manhattan. To reach Lindsay, email her, or follow her on Twitter.

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20 thoughts on “No Plans? 5 Dates to Take Yourself On This Valentine’s Day

  1. a_marie says:

    im too scared to watch a movie alone!

  2. I like the Date #2: Take a walk to remember.

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