5 Easy Places To Meet Guys Where You Were Already Going Anyway

You don't have to go out of your way to meet eligible hotties.
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2. On Your Commute: Then there’s my nightly commute home from work. For those of you who take the subway, have you ever looked around? The pack of suited stallions on my train are usually smokin’! Employed? Check. Responsible? Check. Kill it in a double-breasted jacket? Check check. The conductor should crank up the tunes and pass out some cocktails, because we need to have a mixer in car 6.

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3. The Gym: Of course the gym is a haven for jocks and you can see right off the bat that the cute blonde guy in grey warm-ups is into fitness. So you know he’s athletic and taking a step in the direction of a healthy lifestyle. Unless of course he’s taking those steps in Cindy’s Monday night advanced class using a level-3 bench. Stick to the weights, cowboy.

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3 thoughts on “5 Easy Places To Meet Guys Where You Were Already Going Anyway

  1. DiamondLove says:

    The train has always been a good way to meet guys. I’ve gotten lots of phone numbers this way.

  2. nikkichris says:

    What about us seniors? I’m ready to start dating again but don’t know how.

  3. radical redhead says:

    If you're not beautiful it makes no difference where you are.

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