5 Easy Places To Meet Guys Where You Were Already Going Anyway

You don't have to go out of your way to meet eligible hotties.
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4. The Elevator: One overlooked spot to meet someone is in the elevator of your building. I was once stuck on mine for a little over an hour with a relatively attractive man. Despite my fear of small spaces and his extreme sweatiness (he’d been jogging), we had plenty of things to talk about. Unfortunately, it was his girlfriend who called the fire department, so things didn’t go further than that one extremely claustrophobic encounter. But imagine the possibilities… soon you’ll be packing some wire cutters and a flashlight in your purse on a Saturday night.

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5. Your Neighborhood: Or, just take a stroll outside. One time, my friends and I were at the bar watching football when we spotted some men in their Navy uniforms walking by. Naturally, I hopped off my stool and ran out to ask, “What brings you to port, sailors?” It got them to laugh, and my friend to groan, but we ended up chatting with them and taking a photo.

It doesn’t really matter where you are, just be natural and strike up a convo. Bus stop? “I wonder when the next one’s coming.” Supermarket? “Know where the beer aisle is?” His band’s first gig at a bar? “Nice set.”

So now, I turn it to you.

Tell us: Where and how do you meet cute strangers?

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