5 Fave Street Style Blogs

These photographers make the street their runway

5 Fave Street Style Blogs

These photographers make the street their runway.

-Brooke Sager

A young female model

A person’s style can really reveal his or her personality. These five amazing street style blogs give us a glimpse at this whole other world of fashion. Get ready for copious amounts of photos of folks in their everyday garb—from famous models like Bambi Northwood-Blythe to regular fashionistas.

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1. The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Scott Shuman, an apparel merchandiser from Indiana, merged his love of fashion and photography and out came a style blog. This blogger shoots all of the rich, gorgeous photos that he features on his site. His strategy? As he walks around New York and Europe, he looks for inspirational pieces—colors, patterns, mixed genres—instead of entire outfits. Beginning in 2005, The Sartorialist has since been named one of Time magazine’s Top 100 Design Influencers.

2. Style Defined

Style Defined

Katya, a blogger, photographer and nightlife connoisseur, is the mastermind behind this site. Style Defined captures the fun, creative and all-original styles that grace the New York City streets. Katya’s blog features tons of interviews with stylists and designers. She also hosts giveaways. We love her style advice and commentary below each pic—who knew little black shorts would become fall’s new LBD?

3. Face Hunter

Face Hunter

“Eye candy for the style hungry” is this blog’s tagline. Yvan, a native Londoner, is best known for “face hunting” worldwide with his camera. He travels to places like the Ukraine, Iceland, Colombia and Sweden, snapping beautiful photos of original street fashion.

Yvan doesn’t stop with his blog—he also has a visual diary, a book and his own TV show.

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4. Jak and Jil

Jak & Jil

From New York to Paris to Milan to Australia, Tommy frequents high-profile fashion events and shows. He snaps candid pics of models and designers when they’re off the runway. Tommy enjoys honing in on specific articles of clothing, like an Alexander McQueen leather bustier or these cool Chloe sneaks.

5. Glam Canyon

Glam Canyon

Katja is based in London and Berlin, but she’s been all over. Her blog Glam Canyon gives us a unique look at behind-the-scenes style. She posts beautiful, dynamic photos she took while walking the streets or trolling a fashion event or party. She also features video montages that she made herself. Some of her pics have a bit of edge (topless women) but it’s definitely in the name of art.

Brooke Sager is BettyConfidential’s editorial intern.

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