5 Foodie to Movie Books, Plus a Fab Book Giveaway!

5 foodie books turned flicks.
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5 Foodie to Movie Books, Plus a Fab Book Giveaway!

‘Eat Pray Love’ isn’t the first foodie book to become a film. Check out five more here and enter to win fabulous books!

-Jenny Nelson

Eat Pray Love

The film version of Elizabeth Gilbert’s wildly popular memoir, Eat Pray Love, hit theaters earlier this month. With an all-star cast including the ebullient Julia Roberts, newly-married Javier Bardem, and the inexhaustible James Franco, the movie is sure to delight. If you’re looking for other great foodie reads that have become great foodie flicks, check out this list by author Jenny Nelson, then enter to win her book, Georgia’s Kitchen, plus a beach bag full of other great reads!

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0 thoughts on “5 Foodie to Movie Books, Plus a Fab Book Giveaway!

  1. I did not like “LIke Water for chocolate” movie much. I’d rather have the book. The book has an innate sensuality to its language, the expressions that was half-heartedly translated to the screen, IMHO.

    Surprisingly, I haven’t watched “Chocolat” (weird since I’m a Johnny Depp fan). I’ll fix that as soon as possible.

    I absolutely adored “Under the Tuscan Sun”. Diane Lane, as always, acted amazing. And the fact that the location was beyond dreamy, didn’t hurt either.

    Dunno about the last 2 ones. Julie & Julia was so amazing…now talking about foodie movies got me hungry, wow.

  2. Julie and Julia is my current favorite movie. I think that the movie portrayed the both Julie Powell and Julia Child so well. Amy Adams brought a sweet naivety to Julie Powell, which I gravitated toward, but others shied from. Meryl Streep, well, where do I start? Meryl Streep took the steps necessary to become Julia Child, this was not acting, it was being. Stanley Tucci and Meryl Streep also play off wonderfully against one another–their close relationship off screen helped their marriage onscreen appear warm, loving, and supportive. I loved every minute of this movie as much as I love food and cooking.

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