5 Fun Hanukkah Movies And TV Specials

From the Hebrew Hammer to a Rugrats Hanukkah special, here are some movies that celebrate the Jewish holiday!
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3. Adam Sandler’s Eight Crazy Nights

8 Crazy Nights

Do you want to watch an animated musical comedy starring Adam Sandler centered on Hanukkah? Yes, please! It’s loaded with sexual humor and focuses on alcoholism and depression. Adam Sandler must have had very different Hanukkah celebrations than I did growing up. Don’t miss everyone’s favorite Hanukkah song (the second version) at the end of the film.

4. South Park’s Mr. Hankey Christmas (“A Lonely Jew on Christmas”)

The boys of South Park won’t let Kyle join in on any of the holiday activities because he’s Jewish. Kyle sings a song about feeling lonely and left out on Christmas. How many Jewish kids out there can relate? Not me! I always loved Hanukkah!

5. There’s No Such Thing As A Chanukah Bush, Sandy Goldstein

Chanukah Bush

This award-winning film tells charming story about a little girl forced to confront the dilemma faced by many children who follow different cultures and beliefs. When Robin hears about Sandy Goldstein’s Hanukkah bush, her own mother tells her there is no such thing. This upsets Robin until her Grandfather teaches her to take pride in her own heritage. Very heartwarming.

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4 thoughts on “5 Fun Hanukkah Movies And TV Specials

  1. The Rugrats Hanukkah special IS THE BEST. I learned a lot from it growing up and always loved that they actually made something like this when so many animated specials are about Christmas only. Thanks for bringing it up! I love EG Daily who voiced Tommy and i talk about her a lot on my blog: Cartoons Galore

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