5 Sexy Boyfriend Sweaters To Buy Instead of Ashton's Morning After Cast-Off!

Ashton Kutcher's sex sweater is on eBay, but at least you'll know where these boyfriend sweaters have been...

5 Sexy Boyfriend Sweaters To Buy Instead of Ashton Kutcher’s Morning After Cast-Off!

At least you’ll know where these sweaters have been…

-April Daniels Hussar

Brittany Jones Ashton Kutcher sweater

So you’ve heard that Brittany Jones has put the sweater she says Ashton Kutcher gave her after their steamy night together up for sale on eBay, right? I was reading her listing and at first I was like OMG! And then I was like, does this girl have no shame? And then I was like … heyyyy, that looks like a NICE SWEATER!

There’s just something so cozy about a sweater pilfered from a guy right?  I wonder if Ashton really gave it to her or if she was wearing it and he was all well, gotta go now, Demi’s gonna be home soon, and she was all awww and then he felt bad about making her take it off? Or maybe she HID it under the bed so he had to just throw on his blazer and be all laters! Hmm. Because that’s totally the kind of s*&t I used to pull and you KNOW this girl pulls some CRAZY S*&T — just look at her, smiling away up there in her sweater.

But I digress. The bidding as of right now is up to $12,300! WTF?

I just have to wonder WHO is bidding. Besides Ashton of course.

Anyhoo — why pay 12 grand when you can buy your own, germ-free boyfriend sweater? Here are 5 picks. Alas, Ashton not included, but these’ll keep you cozy on a cold winter day and not land you on Demi Moore’s list of people to kill in 2011:

boyfriend sweater

1. The aptly named “Boyfriend” sweater by Trouve. ($68, stylefind.com)

boyfriend sweater
(What do you think she’s thinking about? Deep model thoughts…)

2. Cashmere overdye crewneck by Hayden (retail is $315 but score it for $127.50, bluefly.com)

boyfriend sweater

3. Merona beaded boyfriend sweatshirt. ($78, jcrew.com)  (Gotta love J, Crew. Guys if it’s beaded, it’s not a BOYFRIEND sweater. But so cute, right?)

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boyfriend sweater

4. Old Navy’s bargain version is long enough to wear as a tunic. Perfect for those of us like Blake Lively who embrace the pantless trend! ($26.50, oldnavy.com)

boyfriend sweater

5. Leave it to Victoria’s Secret to make a boyfriend sweater look vaguely hookerish. Bless their hearts. Silk and cashmere scoopneck. (Orig. $56, on sale for $48, victoriassecret.com)

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Executive Editor.

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  1. What?? What’s wrong with the VS sweater? So just kidding! ha ha! Funny how they make fab lingerie but go all astray when it comes to their clothes. Yipes! Anyways, so adore the Trouve and Hayden sweater. Fun post. Thanks!

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