5 Things That Make A Man Sexy

What criteria do you use to pick YOUR Sexiest Man Alive?
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3. Stable: Financially, emotionally, socially – many of you mentioned that a guy who seems very stable, not frantic and running all over the place, is very attractive. “I love that my boyfriend is always calm and keeps his cool – like Barack Obama – he doesn’t freak out or show too much emotion when the going gets tough, and that makes me feel safe with him!” Jessie from Stamford, CT says.

4. Abs: Those of you who went the route of mentioning something physical, overwhelmingly mentioned abs! Next on the list were eyes and arms.

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5. Being a Leader: “I love me some Alpha Males,” Krissy from New York said. Many of you mentioned that you like a man who is the leader of his group of friends, or a leader at work.

Tell us: what do you think makes a man sexy?

Libby Keatinge is a senior editor at BettyConfidential

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0 thoughts on “5 Things That Make A Man Sexy

  1. Confidence is a good one. Not over-confidence of course. Guys who act like God’s gift can take a hike.
    As for my own list….
    I was a music major & in love with all things creative, whether it’s performing or visual arts, so some involvement in that area is a great, as it gives us something in common. Intelligence is helpful. I can’t tell you how many otherwise attractive men have lost my attention 5 minutes into the conversation. As much as I love the Julie Brown song, I just don’t really “like ’em big & stupid.”
    Sense of humor is a huge turn on for me! When it comes to celebrity crushes, comedians are consistently at the top of my list. Conan O’Brien, Lewis Black, Orlando Jones…the list goes on! A man who can make me laugh can come over any time.

    It also helps if he looks good in Victorian clothing. hehe

  2. Intelligence, kindness/compassion, great sense of humor, gentlemanly qualities, excellent hygiene, great smile and the capacity to love deeply.
    Although I haven’t had a man in many years (I’m dying from cancer), I have taught my 28 year old son to have all of these qualities. P.S. All the girls are NUTS about him – he does have great abs and muscular arms from working out – just sayin’….

  3. My BS detector went off when you tried to rebut the axiom that Nice Guys Finish Last. Because they do. You ladies like the assholes, which is why you always end up with them. It isn’t bad karma, bad astrology, or any of the other nonsense you make up to try and rationalize it.

  4. i think his humor and smarts. i think theres alot that make a man sexy. i think my man is just right down sexy ass as hell. just dont get a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig head men. lol

  5. Kindness is a great thing & a kind, good man IS different from a “nice guy.” This has been discussed in depth on other sites.
    It’s not that women like assholes. After all, we could counter that guys only like bitches; I’ve seen THAT time & time again, but it doesn’t make it universally true. So I don’t go around spouting it like the pathetic spineless boys who can’t get a date with a real woman & chalk it up to how we only want an asshole.

    For more on Nice Guy Syndrome, & why women are right to run from those types, see: heartless-bitches.com/rants/niceguys/ng.shtml

  6. Looks are great but if a guy is dumber than a box of rocks that’s a deal breaker! Being dumb also means he will never earn a decent living and you will have to do all his thinking and decision making for him. NOT COOL! And please! No Momma’s boys!

  7. I’d have to say Humor and Charisma. If he can make my sides split and then wipe away my tears from laughter or any other reason, i probably love him. Like my Boyfriend now. 😉

  8. Yes, as said before Intelligence is a biggie! Big and smart. Also, abs are good but I don’t even consider a man if he isn’t tall with broad shoulders.

  9. the sexiest thing is a hot guy with
    Humility.It’s nice to have a mix of strength
    and sensitivity.Humility is a must though;nothing is more aggravating than a guy who’s arrogant and thinks he’s God’s gift!!!

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