5 Tips for Young Sexy Hair!

Keep your hair looking fab, no matter what!
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5 Tips for Young Sexy Hair!

Keep your hair looking fab, no matter what!

 -Jackie Cascarano, lockandmane.com

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As women we put a lot of energy into maintaining our youthful looks with creams and gels and outrageous exercise regimes. One of my friends once drank a smoothie made of virgin ostrich milk for a whole week because it was supposed to get rid of her wrinkles! But there is one trick to looking years younger that we often ignore—healthy hair. If your hair stays young-looking, healthy and shiny, it helps you age backwards faster than telling everyone you’re still celebrating your 25th birthday.

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We at Lock & Mane want your hair to be ageless so we gathered some of our favorite tricks to keep hair looking so young it might just get carded at the bar.

1. Condition

We all know hair color fades with time, but did you know that your hair gets drier as you age too? Even ladies at the tender age of 30 can see a noticeable difference between the texture of their hair now and what it was like in their 20’s. We at Lock & Mane have a mantra that goes a little something like this: “Condition, Condition, Condition (Repeat)”. A deep conditioning treatment not only adds moisture (making your hair easier to style) but also adds a sexy sheen. A once a week glossing treatment like Oscar Blandi’s At Home Salon glaze ($25, lockandmane.com) is a great way to keep your locks looking as fabulous as Demi Moore’s.

oscar blandi glaze

2. Volumize

Nothing says sex kitten like bouncy, full Brigitte Bardot-esque hair. We have an obsession with big bombshell hair but the truth is every woman needs a little oomph in the hair department for a vibrant, youthful look. Flat, lifeless hair is a surefire way to look aged and tired. We love Jonathan Product’s Infinite Volume Line for a naturally sexy, voluminous style

Jonathan Product thickening foam ($24, lockandmane.com)

jonathan thickening foam

How to keep your hair as sexy as Vanessa Hudgens up next!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips for Young Sexy Hair!

  1. cindychampion12 says:

    My hair tends to get really dry so I have to deep condition at least once every couple of weeks or use a hair mask. I think its an important step to making your hair look young!

  2. suny says:

    Great content, complete of serious research-originated material.

    Can see how one happens upon in many actions that are damaging to the development of this very essential hormonal.

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