5 Tips for Young Sexy Hair!

Keep your hair looking fab, no matter what!
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 vanessa hudgens

3. Trim

We are loving this season’s choppy bob mania. Scarlett Johannson, Brooklyn Decker and Vanessa Hudgens have all jumped on the bob bandwagon. To keep your locks looking modern and fresh, we say be daring with your ‘do. Long locks can be stunning but if not well-maintained, they can tend to look stringy and dry. An on-trend shorter style is a perfect way to keep your look sexy and chic.

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4. Dry Shampoo

Overwashing your hair can dry it out, make it look dull, and cause color to prematurely fade. We at Lock & Mane are obsessed with dry shampoo, which can work wonders in preserving your glossy color and even adding sexy volume! Just a few spritzes several times a week can lengthen your blowout and save you the hassle of blowdrying every day. The always gorgeous Jennifer Aniston is a fan of Rene Furterer’s Naturia dry shampoo ($24, lockandmane.com).

rene furterer

5. Protect

With all the styling we do to our hair Bettys, it’s no wonder our locks feel crunchy and fried at the end of the winter. To keep our hair glossy and sleek for the spring and summer, we are religious with heat styling sprays, like Cutler’s Protectant spray ($21, lockandmane.com), before using curling irons, flat irons and other hot tools.

 cutler spray

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12 thoughts on “5 Tips for Young Sexy Hair!

  1. My hair tends to get really dry so I have to deep condition at least once every couple of weeks or use a hair mask. I think its an important step to making your hair look young!

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  4. We all know hair color fades with time, but did you know that your hair gets drier as you age too? Even ladies at the tender age of 30 can see a noticeable difference between the texture of their hair now and what it was like in their 20’s. We at Lock & Mane have a mantra that goes a little something like this: “Condition, Condition, Condition (Repeat)”. A deep conditioning treatment not only adds moisture (making your hair easier to style) but also adds a sexy sheen. A once a week glossing treatment like Oscar Blandi’s At Home Salon glaze ($25, lockandmane.com) is a great way to keep your locks looking as fabulous as Demi Moore’s.

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