5 Tips On Taking Sexy Cell Phone Photos For Your Man

Make your man wild with hot MMS fun.
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2. Avoid accidental embarrassment: Is your man prone to leaving his phone on the table while he is out at the bar with his buddies or is he a scatterbrained artistic type who is always mistakenly leaving his cell in taxis? If you don’t want a chuckling cabbie uploading your sexy pics to his web page under the album name “LOOK WHAT I FOUND AT WORK TODAY LMFAO,” take our suggestions for sexy but safe photos you can send your man to get him riled up but protect your image. Leave your face out of the photo of you in your lingerie or use our lollipop suggestion from number 1.

3. Just the high heels: Men always find high heels to be a big turn on. Throw your best pair on and snap a photo of you from the ankles down. It will get him going without you having to get full on naked in the bathroom at work.

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4. Use variety in your photos: Once you start sending each other photos on the regular, make sure you keep the images fresh! Do a striptease. Send him a series of photos with one piece of clothing being removed in each photo or write his name in lipstick on your cleavage.

5. Keep the fantasy aspect intact: Sending your man sexy photos is a welcome break from his hectic day. Make sure you keep the photos hot and don’t shock him back to reality with big real-life turn offs in the photo: like a box of tampons in the background – not hot!

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20 thoughts on “5 Tips On Taking Sexy Cell Phone Photos For Your Man

  1. Fashionista says:

    These are good tips! Sending sexy pics is a great way to keep things spicy. It works like a charm, especially when they’re least expecting it, like right in the middle of a workday ; )

  2. uptowngirl says:

    See, I’d be worried that the wrong person would see these pics. Maybe I should just loosen up!

  3. bobbimariah says:

    sending sexy photos keeps him thinking of u as a sexy, hot chick, not just your girlfriend who he is used to

  4. FFlotus says:

    i’d LOVE to send my hubby some sexy photos to pre game the night’s upcoming activities… i’m just always horrified i’ll send it to the wrong number or something.

  5. roadrunner says:

    I’m always afraid that someone else will see those photos if I do something like that. Maybe I should loosen up a litt.e

  6. texgal says:

    I took a picture of just my boobs in a sexy bra and my boyfriend just loves it. We have a long distance relationship so it is a reminder of what he is missing when we are a part.

    1. guri says:

      he missing ur sexy boobs bebes

  7. Samm says:

    I hate when people aren't being realistic, come on obviously if your married or been with somebody for a long time of course it's ok to send them if you know how to do it right!!! I am a male and I've been with my lady for 5 years of course if its been that long I don't just want sex but it is nice when I get a random sexy pik saying I wish you were home !!! It shows me she wants me and she needs me what better feeling that that !!! Most girls that say no no don't know how to either satisfy a man nor keep one that's there problem or go for the stupid bad boy type like mainly all girls there's nothing wrong with spicing up a relationship and reminding each other what they have in front of them I assure you when she does things like this it makes me crave and crave her more insanely and our sex life is amazing !!! So ignore the no no no no trust me if yu and your man are loyal there's way these photos are going to be exploited to the world however as of young females like 18 and under I would highly recommend they do not do it guys are young ignorant and immature at that age big difference guys.

  8. Katie says:

    For those who are worried about other people seeing them… I was like that and then we downloaded an app called 'Couple'…you definitely can't send it to the wrong person, there's a lock on the app, and you can even lock photos within the app so if it comes through when he's with other people he knows not to open it until he's got a moment to himself! Your pics aren't stored in your general camera roll, just inside the app! Give it a try and see if it makes you feel safer that your nephew playing with your phone isn't going to stumble across them!!

    1. amber says:

      the creators of the app can seee all the pictures people post on there app. its not private at all lol stupid idea

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