5 Ways a Bad Relationship Can Make You Sick

Fighting with your partner, stressing over where the relationship is going and more can affect your health.
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3. Gives you chronic headaches

Just as you might experience a headache while arguing or shortly afterwards, you could end up suffering from headaches often because of your relationship. While you may think the argument is over, your subconscious continues to work on the trauma, and for this reason, you may end up reacting to it by experiencing chronic headaches.

4. Heightens risk for high cholesterol

While stress can cause people to have higher cholesterol, eating unhealthy is the major contributor to high levels of bad cholesterol. When most people are upset, they often turn to food for comfort. The food they turn to is usually unhealthy, and that is what can over time cause high cholesterol.

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5. Increases risk for depression

It’s no secret that a bad relationship can make you feel depressed, but suffering from depression is something much more serious. People with depression are unable to enjoy activities they once loved, they don’t eat or sleep enough, or do them too much; they also suffer from a gamut of health problems such as aches, pains, gastrointestinal issues, and more. Some people with depression not only end up having a bad relationship with their boyfriend, but also with friends, family members, and co-workers, which could lead to job loss. Depression can lead to substance or alcohol abuse, which leads to many other short term and long-term health problems.

Your love life should make you love life

When you’re arguing with your boyfriend and feeling sick, you don’t love your life. Your love life should be something that enriches you. It should make you smile in the morning, and feel grateful at night. It should be what lowers stress, rather than create it. For these reasons, take steps to improve your relationship, so it doesn’t make you sick. If you’ve tried to solve the problems and it’s just not working, it may be time to consider how much you really need this person in your life.

Marcelina Hardy is a freelance writer and relationship coach for Relationship Repair and a staff writer for the iNLP Center helping people improve their love life and health.

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways a Bad Relationship Can Make You Sick

  1. Hi,Feeling on edge about close relationships could make you fall sick by harming your immune system.Not just does nervousness seem to raise levels of anxiety hormones in the body,it additionally makes it less compelling at battling off ailment.We very frequently disregard taking care of ourselves in a relationship.I concur, we deal with others first!At that point,when the relationship closes (in light of the fact that nobody can be that dismissed for that long!),we can winding into depression and find our health is,best case scenario,crooked!While a decent relationship fills us with bliss and extravagance forever,when things happen,we end up exhausted of vitality,over-focused on and out and out debilitated!Much appreciated,I delighted in the read!
    ~Sarah Clark.

  2. Amazing information. This is new for me. I used to think that A bad relationship can spoil our personal and profession life; but after reading this post I have come to know that it can ruin our health. Thanks for sharing.

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