5 Ways To Avoid Being Clingy

Don't make that man bolt by wanting too much attention too soon

5 Ways To Avoid Being Clingy

Don’t make that man bolt by wanting too much attention too soon

-Libby Keatinge

 Clingy Girl

Being too clingy: it can make a budding relationship go up in flames. So what’s a girl to do to keep herself from constantly checking her Blackberry to see if her new beau has phoned? Marie Claire offered some good tips on keeping busy and we tapped into our pool of single dating ladies to come up with a few more suggestions to keep you from staring at your phone waiting for him to call.

 1. Hold out: Having sex releases oxytocin in women that makes us bond to a man. By waiting until you feel emotionally connected with him, and holding out to do the deed, you avoid being to attached too soon.

2. Cancel on him: We know it’s tough, but once in a while, cancel plans on him with a nice excuse that something came up. It will throw him for a loop and make you feel in control.

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3. Spend more time with friends: We appreciate this tip MC offered up, but to be more specific, our single ladies suggested making set plans with friends that you can’t change at the last minute if he calls, like buying tickets to a show, booking a trip, or planning a girls’ dinner.

4. Date more that one person at a time: As Millionaire Matchmaker Patty Stanger says: You should always be dating a pair and a spare. Two guys you consider potential bfs, and one who is Mr. Reliable.

5. Keep Busy Doing Things You Like: Again, setting specific times and dates for this is key. Take a yoga, karate, or language class: something that has a set time that maybe even you have to pay for. Don’t plan to “stay busy” by reading a book: you will just be checking your phone every 2 minutes.  (Shine)

Libby Keatinge is a Senior Editor at BettyConfidential.

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  1. well, most boys already knows that we always gave them a call,always trying to be available for them but that is boring which means they can predict what will happen…So the better way to make them run after you is by turning them down sometimes like on all the time your available for them make them feel that you also have a life and other priorities aside from them…this gave them an idea that you are unpredictable too…and it works 99%

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