5 Ways To Blow His Mind In Bed

He'll be the one who wants extra snuggle time after you try some of these moves.
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Blow His Mind In Bed4. Wake him up with a BJ. Some guys aren’t into making out in the morning, but NO guy is going to turn down a morning BJ.  Because guys’ testosterone levels are the highest in the morning, it’s a time when they want sex the most. And if he’s going to wake up with a boner anyway… you might as well do something with it. (Well, that’s probably his logic anyway). Show him how good you are at anticipating his needs by going down on him before he even has time to roll over and start poking you awake.

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5. Tease Him. Good things are worth waiting for. And in the case of sex, the longer you wait, the more exciting it can be. Especially as a relationship progresses, sex can sometimes feel like something that’s rushed through as opposed to something that’s relaxed and enjoyed.  Spend time kissing him, touching him a bit, and then kissing him some more. Give him time to anticipate sex, really want it, and get extra excited. As a result… after you’ve blow his mind, he’ll turn back around and blow yours.

Tell us: what do you do to your guy to drive him wild?

BettyConfidential’s Sexpert Amber Madison is a sex educator and author of Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, and Talking Sex With Your Kids, which was released in March.

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20 thoughts on “5 Ways To Blow His Mind In Bed

  1. when i was with my now ex..i would rub my breasts on his chest…and reverse cowgirl drove him up the celining lol…and when I was on top, i’d throw my head back..he loved all these things.

  2. K – first off, not all men like you fooling with their balls – case in point – my husband. I don’t know if someone hurt him there or traumatized him or what, but he totally clenches up if i go for them; and second, i have done the waking him up with BJ, sometimes they are sleeping hard and have a negative weird reaction which can totally diffuse your self-confidence and kinda hurt your feelings. Rouse him up some first before going for it — just some advice from an old gal – the rest are all great ideas

  3. Speaking as a man, here are some extra tips. Ride him on top facing him and bend over with every stroke, stroke just your nipples against his chest.

    When playing with his balls, it is important to remember very light stroking. Better yet, get your silkiest panties and srtoke them UNDER his balls lightly and quickly or with a quick motion. It feels like heaven especially when you have his member in your mouth. Every guys loves to hear you talk dirty, the raunchier the better. Use all of your 4 letter words, embrace your inner slut, believe me, he will respect you in the morning. You will fill his love bank

  4. Total bullseye. But, remember if you “look like” you’ve had enough or got better things to do when performing at least hang in there for 5 minutes and not just 30 seconds. It’s hard for us to enjoy the pleasure when your look’n like times-up-gotta go.

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