5 Ways to Ensure You'll Have a Great Relationship

A soul mate is an extraordinary connection we have with another. What can we do to ready ourselves for this amazing encounter?
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1. Know where you came from

When we grow up in a flawed environment, as many of us do, damages occur to our sense of self. Understanding our role in our family structure enhances our ability to overcome defense mechanisms formed in early childhood. Doing an honest study of our family and our role inside the system is the first step towards preparing to meet our soul mate.

2. Unite your heart and mind

The intellectual mind and our emotions influence our decisions. Our mind thinks one way and our emotions are saying something very different. We don’t feel good enough so we make unhealthy choices. However, when our mind and emotions are on the same team, we have the understanding within to make a smart decision. The sharp effectiveness in all areas of life is laying the groundwork towards welcoming a soul mate into our arms.

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3. Take care of yourself, inside and outside

Our body is a gift and we need to feel thankful that we have one. Taking good proper care of this valuable gift is the third step towards preparing to meet one’s soul mate. The impact our emotions have on us is powerful. How we feel about ourselves is paramount, as we will not take care of our body if we don’t feel worthy enough. Most people think about exercising, instead of acting upon it. When the union of our mind and emotions come together, we are empowered to get up and start moving!

4. Connect with your spiritual self

The investment we make psychologically will prepare us to meet our own soul. When we believe we are more than our rational mind, the depth of our inner being will be jumping for joy and we will begin to understand that our soul and the universe are linked. We will rise from unawareness and realize our spiritual self. Meeting our soul is a very important achievement in preparing for a soul mate.

5. Look at your soul mate as a gift

The fifth breakthrough is to know that reuniting with our spiritual loved ones is a gift. By meeting our soul mate we are no longer thinking about our own needs. We now have a sense of our whole self and can appreciate our world and other cultures. We have an open mind and can comprehend that the same cosmic force connects us all. We are coming together for an impressively immense worldly purpose!

Serena Jade is a speaker, world traveler, and personal fitness trainer for over 22 years. Jade’s passion is for stretching her clients’ minds as well as their bodies to reach an ultimate state of mental, physical, and spiritual health. For 15 years, Jade worked in the horse racing industry as a professional rider-groom, where she discovered her true soul mate and her love of travel. Her travels have taken her across the globe, from the Egyptian pyramids to the great Coliseum in Rome. Jade continues her journey by sharing her discovery of in the book Charismatic Connection,The Authentic Soul Mate Experience. Visit her Facebook page or  check her out on Blog Talk Radio.

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