5 Ways To Get Over A Holiday Break-Up

Real women share how they got over a tough break-up.
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3. Hide things that remind you of him: You don’t have to throw away all the photos, love letters, and the teddy bear he gave you, but having them in plain view 24/7 is a constant reminder that he is not there. Put them away. They are part of your life, and not something to be forgotten, but you need to get them out of your face to move on. “When I broke up with my husband, I put all the photos of us away in a box. Now, two years later, I am in a happy relationship with a new man, and I do from time to time look through those things, and feel happy about having had that person in my life, but I needed to clear out any energy of a past love in order to make room in my life for a new one,” Debra from Los Angeles shares.

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4. If you don’t want to go, don’t go! Are you invited to a family event where you know everyone will be asking about your relationship, or engagement party where all the talk of wedding planning will make you ill? If certain potential conversations or seeing someone celebrate their engagement is going to set you off and make you sad, it’s ok, don’t go.

5. Start making future plans: Taking up a new hobby, or making a plan to take a new class at the gym, or planning a weekend trip is a good way to keep your eye on the future. When you have positive things to look forward to, you are less likely to mull over the past. Booking appointments, writing things down in your calendar and making plans with a friend that cannot be broken give you something concrete to look forward to.

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