55 Simple Summer Pleasures

The Betty team concocts a list of their simple summer pleasures and would like your help!

Summer Lovin’

55 Simple Summer Pleasures

Add yours!

-The Betty Editors

There’s something special about summer that thrills us like no other season. Here are a few of our favorite things about this sultry season:

A woman on the beach

1. Rolling in the grass
2. Dewy skin
3. Daylight Savings Time
4. Vacation!
5. No school lunches to pack
6. Camp

Children enjoying popsicles

7. Popsicle-stained children
8. The ice cream man
9. Ice cream
10. Simple road-trips
11. Car games
12. Walks at dusk
13. Catching fireflies

A girl in the sprinkler

14. Front-yard sprinklers and kids in bathing suits.
15. Swimsuit lines on the tan little bodies of children
16. The smell of suntan lotion and having a sexy someone rub it on your back
17. Pool time!
18. The hypnotic motion of the ocean


19. Sand castles
20. Body boarding
21. Water skiing
22. The call of seagulls

Matthew McConaughey

23. Surfer dudes
24. Sea shell hunting
25. French fries at the boardwalk
26. Free fudge samples
27. Grass/sand/ dirt between your toes

Pink Peony

28. Fresh-cut peonies in vibrant pink
29. Geraniums
30. Comfy tank tops
31. Flip flops
32. sexy sundresses
33. Crisp white cotton nightgowns
34. Sleeping with the windows open

Mosquito netting

35. White mosquito netting blowing in the breeze
36. Hammocks
37. Reading outdoors
38. Hikes
39. Produce beyond potatoes and apples at the farmer’s market
40. Blueberries, strawberries, cherries, watermelon
41. Hotdogs and Hamburgers on the grill (is there really any better food?)

A little girl with tomoatoes

42. Vegetable gardens
43. Mint lemonade
44. Mint lemonade with a splash of vodka
45. Ice-cold white wines
46. Margaritas
47. Guacamole and Negro Modelos on the front porch
48. Impromptu neighborhood BBQs

Rooftop party

49. Rooftop parties
50. The Fourth of July
51. Long nights
52. Summer love
53. Hot sex
54. Sex on the Beach
55. Air Conditioning!

What are some of your favorite summer things? Help us add to our list by leaving a comment below.

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17 thoughts on “55 Simple Summer Pleasures

  1. hmm summer pizza and iced tea from starbucks – also, surfing with my boys! btw, where IS summer? hasn’t hit here quite yet. hurry on, now mr. summer and sunshine.

  2. Summer concerts
    Road trips
    Beach Reads
    Action Movies!
    Summer breezes
    tornado season (yea, a bit morbid)
    mini skirts and short shorts
    summer dresses
    BIG SUNGLASSES & straw hats like JLo

  3. sundresses
    breakfast and dinner outside (al fresco)
    Manhattan at night
    chilled drinks
    ice cream
    waves on water
    summer romances
    reading chick lit

  4. happy hours in Manhattan
    Central Park
    bird watching
    romance novels (vampire-human love haha)
    Shakespeare in the Park
    summer breezes
    golden tans

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