5 Ways to Tap into Your Soul's Intuition

5 tips for tapping into your soul's intuition.

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5 ways to tap into your soul’s intuition

-Jennifer Urezzio www.bloominggrove.net

woman sitting quietlyYour stomach rumbles to let you know that you need food. Your eyes get tired to let you know you need sleep. What most people don’t realize is that your soul is also talking to you all day long. Your body is talking to you all day long and letting you know what YOU need. One of the ways your soul communicates with you is through your intuition.

Why do most of us hear our bodies clearer than we hear our soul? Training. We are taught to ignore how we are feeling or deny our gut responses to events, people and situations. We are taught to think and to be logical!

I love my mind. I’m quick-witted, and I can handle complex problems. I also have retrained myself to let my heart do the steering rather than my mind. The heart is the center of soul and intuition. When you learn to trust and listen to your soul, you will realize that your soul will never steer you in the wrong direction.

So how do you start hearing your soul? How do you start to trust your intuition? Practice, practice and more practice. Think of intuition as a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it will get. Here are five tips to get you started on listening and acting on your soul’s intuition.

1. Know you are intuitive. We are all intuitive. Each one of us has had a gut feeling, and each of us has picked up the phone only to hear ourselves saying, “I was just thinking about you.” You are receiving information all the time, so you need to determine where your blocks are and to clear them. Write down all the words you associate with being intuitive and psychic. Don’t think; just write what comes to mind. Do the words you wrote down have a positive or negative association for you? Some of the words historically associated with being intuitive and psychic are: charlatan, fake, gypsy, conjuror and fraud. Are any of these on your list? Take a moment and reframe any of those negative words. I suggest these as replacements: insightful, healer, sensitive, perceptive and discerning.

2. Lose the limitations. A year or so ago, a friend came to visit, and she offered to wash the dinner dishes (a job I despise). I said I would dry them. As I picked up a dish from the drying rack, where she had just placed it after washing it, I would notice that it was completely dry. I was stunned and amazed, and I asked her, “How are you doing that?” She simply stated that she was just drying them with her mind. The point of this story is to show you how limiting we can be. So, ask yourself before reacting to any situation or question, “Where am I limiting myself?” When you find yourself in a limiting situation, tell yourself, “I know I can do anything, so show me how to do it.” Set the intention to be able to hear any and all guidance that you receive.

3. Be quiet and listen. We each receive information from our soul in different ways. Some people just know, some people hear words or sentences, and some people receive images. The key is to understand how you receive your information. A way to understand how you receive your information is to set some quiet time aside. Simply sit in a comfortable chair with your feet flat on the floor and take a couple of deep breathes. Spend five minutes focusing on your breathing and listening. You will know guidance when you receive it. It isn’t the loop in your head about the things you “should” be doing. At the beginning, guidance will feel like a flash, a moment of brilliance.

4. Ask questions. We are a culture that is used to acting and responding instantly. Take a minute and ask yourself some questions before you make a decision. A couple of good questions to ask are:

Is this in my best interest to do right now? When it is in your best interest, it is in the best interest of everyone you know, whether they understand it or not.
Is there anything more I need to know about this situation? This will give you an additional chance to listen to what your soul has to say about a situation.
How do I feel about this situation? Sometimes our souls speak to us through our body. That is where the saying “a gut feeling” comes from. If a situation gives you a stomachache, ask yourself why.

5. Keep a journal. Sometimes you will receive information from your soul via your intuition months before you can act on it, so keep a journal. This will allow you the chance to go back and interpret how you are receiving your information. Writing is also a form in which some people receive information from their soul.

The most important part of hearing what your soul is saying to you is to be patient. Your soul is here to help you, to provide insight and to be a resource of love and support. You always have the ability, when you are feeling pressure, to take a deep breath and ask your soul for help, just by simply stating, “Soul, lead the way.”

Jennifer Urezzio, is an intuitive healer and founder of Blooming Grove and Know Soul’s Language. She believes the key to your happiness and success is already inside of you waiting for acceptance.

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