5 Best Spots to Find a Date this Christmas

5 fabulous places to meet a great guy just in time for Christmas.

The Dating Game

5 Best Holiday Hookup Spots

All we want for Christmas is … a date!

Carrie Seim 

two people on a date‘Tis the season for finding dates! Screech. Cut carolers. Cue depression.

I know, I know. I used to think it was impossible to find a date during the holidays. We’re way too busy shopping, decorating and throwing back eggnog to even hope for holiday romance. Which is horribly ironic, because it’s the time of year when we most long for someone to smooch under the mistletoe, dress in ridiculous reindeer sweaters and force (under threat of death) to sing with Bing.

But here’s the thing, ladies. It can be done! You simply have to go where the men are and … wait for it … talk to them.

Yep, I know it’s asking a lot. But I promise you, if you hit these holiday hot spots and strike up a clever conversation with a cute guy, you’ll land yourself a date … quick as a wink!

1. Department stores. Make the most of the sea of consumption. He’s a fish out of water. You’re a merchandise mermaid. As he browses brooches for his mother or scarves for his sister, use his bewilderment to your advantage. Sail in with an authoritative suggestion – either compliment his choice of bracelet or steer him away from the Spanx – and he’ll never let you get away.

2. Starbucks. You’ve already got a head start here, since you can overhear the barista shout some handsome gentleman’s name. A name which, you might just mention, has always been one of your favorites because it reminds you of the Boy Scout who saved you from a bike accident in sixth grade. Between this clever come-on, the cozy beverages and the caffeinated glee, you’ll be in the espresso lane to love.

3. Home Depot. Hang out by the Christmas lights, trees or extension ladders. Look handy and capable or helpless and dateable. Either way, you’re sure to nail a date with a hot stud if you breathlessly remind him to “measure twice, cut once.” (I beg of you, please use that shameless pun to your full advantage.)

4. Planes, Trains & Man-mobiles. Look lost. Ask him if he happens to know the best way to get back to his apartment. Your work is done.

5. Whole Foods. This is the hookup spot for all seasons. Ask the nearest man with a reusable shopping bag for his favorite holiday recipe. Then ask him if he’d like to come over and cook it for you. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Where’s the best spot to find a date for the holidays?

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0 thoughts on “5 Best Spots to Find a Date this Christmas

  1. I told a guy in HD that he had beautiful hair. He blushed and mumbled about needing a trim. I would have been “in” if I had actually been looking! Good suggestions!

  2. Ha ha ha! Yes, Home Depot is a man magnet…and complimenting hair is a very smooth pickup line! My experience is that guys are far more insecure about their hair than women are.

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