6 Reality Shows We Hate To Love

The real reason we loathe/love "The Jersey Shore” and "The Bachelor” come out at last.
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6 Reality Shows We Hate To Love

The real reasons we loathe/love “The Jersey Shore” and “The Bachelor” come out at last.

-Shayla C. Perry

Jersey Shore

Reality TV has its share of cringe-worthy shows. But despite all the gratuitous drinking, sex, and debauchery, somehow they’re still on the air, meaning someone must be watching. (Shhh. It’s us—and you too!)

So, we’ve put together some of TV’s guiltiest pleasures, breaking down the real reasons that we loathe (and secretly love) every fist-bump, chick-fight, and train wreck … so we can put an end to all this indecency. (Not a real “end-end”, because, well, some people might miss it.)

Jersey Shore
Why we loathe it:
Aside from our outrage over the stereotypes perpetuated by the show, the tragedy of seeing yet another group of hapless young adults start their rise and inevitable downward spiral into the Reality Show Has-Been Abyss is depressing, to say the least.

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Why we love it: Who can resist the pure, unadulterated trash — and the luxury of a full hour of being able to feel like you’re better than somebody—or eight some bodies?! There’s also a part of us that longs for the days when life was as simple as “GTL”. Sure, we still subscribe to the GTL philosophy, but the ratio of gym and tan time to laundry time has definitely shifted.

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0 thoughts on “6 Reality Shows We Hate To Love

  1. I love watching them now and then but I agree City Lady212 — anyone who would go on one of these shows is indeed a dimwit. Which I guess is what makes them so hilarious! And sad.

  2. the only true reality show was the first Real World, because it was the first time anything like that had been tried – the people on that show had no clue and were truly themselves – every single episode of the Real World after that one, along with all the other reality shows were fake – people saw a way to get on tv with that first show and jumped on it – they were the crazy one, the drunk one, the gay one, the one with a strict background, etc., all looking for their 15 seconds of fame and being totally false in the process – and yes, if you appear on these shows you are insane – but we are truly insane ones for watching even though we KNOW it is at the very least sometimes scripted and heavily edited –

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