6 Super Top Coats for Fabu Nails!

Top coats help your polish gleam, last longer and proctects your nails.
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Dermelect High Maintenance Instant Nail Thickener ($16, dermelect.com). Thicker nails? Yes, please! With this peptide-infused top coat, get drool-worthy high-shine and thicker nails with just one coat! Now that’s I’m talking about!

floss gloss

Floss Gloss GLOSS Topcoat ( $8, flossgloss.com). Awesome name aside, don’t you just love the golden handle each of these adorbs little bottles? Made without those yucky ingredients, (yeah, I’m talking to you, formaldehyde) this top coat dries extremely fast for a slick finish.

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dazzle dry

DazzleDry Quick Dry ( $12.50, dazzledry.com). Five minutes waiting time? Are you sure? Positive? Hey! Would I EVER lie to you, Bettys? Beat the clock with this fast-drying top coat adding extra UV sunscreen to those tips. Your nail polish will thank you. Trust me on this, I won’t steer you wrong.

A minty good top coat and more next!

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