6 Super Top Coats for Fabu Nails!

Top coats help your polish gleam, last longer and proctects your nails.
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drs remedy

Dr.’s Remedy Calming Clear Topcoat ( $17, remedynails.com). Love a zenful calm? Bring some namaste to your mani with a top coat so clear you might catch a glimpse of your reflection in it.


NCLA Gloss It! Topcoat ($11, shopncla.com). Much like a lipgloss for nails, this all-in-one base and topcoat brings the high-gloss that flatters anything from fake nails to a solid polish. With a shine so pretty, feel free to sport this top coat on unpolished nails too!

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Mint Nail Polish Wet Look Sealer ($10, mintpolish.com). Think of this top coat as a knight in shining armor with a pink shield of course! Kicking faded color right in the butt, it’s time to show those chips who’s boss!

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