6 Things a Guy Should Never, Ever Say To a Woman

Men and women do communicate differently. In the interest of peace, here are 6 phrases that should never be uttered aloud.
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1. “Are you really going to eat all that?”

One of the golden rules of communicating with a woman is this: Thou shall not comment on how much she eats. It never ends well. Even if it’s a simple question, and you are genuinely curious if she is seriously going to house that burrito on her own, she will take it as a criticism. She might get so upset she’ll accuse you of calling her fat, and gentleman, trust me…this is one word you never want your girl to bring up in an argument. Let her eat however much she wants without any commentary from the peanut gallery.

2. “Who’s your friend?”

Sure, you might just want to be polite, but your girlfriend is probably thinking something along the lines of “Why…does he think she’s hot?” Of course, there really is no quick fix for this one, as it has more to do with her insecurities than you asking a simple question. The best way to avoid getting in trouble for asking a simple question? Don’t ask. Wait for her to introduce you to her friends and then make sure she knows that you only have eyes for her.

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3. “You’re crazy.”

Women aren’t always the most rational creatures in the land, and I can say that because I am one. However, calling a woman “crazy” will only upset her even more. Chances are, what you think is crazy is really her just being completely overwhelmed by her emotions and not handling the situation well at all. When you call her “crazy” or “insane”, it makes her feel like you’re negating her feelings…which only upsets her even more. Vicious cycle I tell you!

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