6 Things a Guy Should Never, Ever Say To a Woman

Men and women do communicate differently. In the interest of peace, here are 6 phrases that should never be uttered aloud.
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4. “Are you almost ready?”

Gentleman, journey with me into the brain of a woman who is getting ready for a night out…after you’ve asked her this question. Well, I have one eyelash on, my eyeliner is running, I have no idea what I’m going to wear because I just tried my skinny jeans on and they feel tighter than they did yesterday, which kind of makes me want to cry but I won’t because I don’t want my eyeliner to run even more. You hovering over me, sighing dramatically and looking at your watch isn’t really helping me get ready any faster. Also, yes, I know what time it is so you can stop asking me. Oh, and? I am doing all of this, all of the makeup and the hair and the trying on of the nine million different outfits for one reason and one reason only, buddy. I want to look good for you. You’ll appreciate the end result, so shut it.

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5. “Can I kiss you?”

Just do it. Confidence is key, and asking for a kiss, while cute to some, doesn’t scream of confidence. She might turn her cheek, she might give you a close mouthed peck, she might duck and yell (here’s hoping that doesn’t happen!) but at least you’ll walk away with your dignity!

6. “But the game is on.”

Generally speaking, most women are pretty understanding when it comes to men and sports. Heck, lot’s of women I know are more invested in their fantasy drafts than their guys are. But when a guy constantly uses “the game” as an excuse to get out of doing something, things can turn sour fast. In this digital age, there is really no legit reason that you need to be tied to your couch to keep up with the score. Or if you must, DVR it and watch it when your woman doesn’t need some attention.

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