6 Ways to Tell If You’re a Needy Girlfriend

No one wants to be the clingy girlfriend, so find out if you're overdoing it!
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1. Texting him more than he’s texting you.

There are some couples out there that love to text each other 10 to 15 times per day, and there are other couples who might not connect until they get home from work. Either way is fine, except when there is ONE person in the relationship sending dozens of texts looking for responses. This is only communicating that you have nothing better to do with your day than focus on him. Control your texting and make sure you are texting him equally as much as he’s texting you. Take a moment and think why you are sending each text. Did you hear something funny at work you want to share? Are you setting up any after work drinks? Or are you bored? Feel obligated to stay in constant contact? There is no need to keep a constant tally of whose texting who, but take a moment to think about whether or not there’s a purpose behind your message. If you do that, your man will get excited when he sees he received a message from you instead of anticipating a mundane hourly text.

2. Taking up his entire Facebook wall.

Facebook is the ultimate public display of affection. Unfortunately, Facebook can destroy your relationship if you’re not careful. Most guys are not comfortable with publically sending cute “notes” with their girlfriend. They feel that they’ll get ridiculed by their friends and it will make them look “whipped.” Although you don’t want every thought and action of your guy to be determined by his friends, he’ll appreciate you being aware of this and respecting his masculinity. Apply the same concept as texting, have a purpose behind your posts. Don’t say what you would say in a cute text or in person on his facebook wall. Keep that between just you too- its more special that way!

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3. Implying how badly you want to get married.

When you’re in a long term relationship both the man and the woman are constantly thinking about the “M” word. Traditionally of course, the man will propose to the woman and the woman patiently awaits the magic moment. However, some women can’t muster up the patience and will constantly imply that they want marriage. If this is something that is top of mind for you, then confront your man directly. He’ll respect you more for it and you won’t come off as needy or clingy.

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20 thoughts on “6 Ways to Tell If You’re a Needy Girlfriend

  1. this article is really great. i’ve read so many of these kinds of articles over the years but this one really resonates. i’ve been with my girlfriend for about 9 months now and although she doesn’t fit all 6 criteria, it’s good to keep an eye out for these signs. his website is great too, check it out

  2. I like it all…except for the bit where he says 'it could even turn into a weekly' occurrence or whatever….HA…for some reason it just seems like I should be vying for my boyfriends attention and I should be SO lucky to win some regular time with him…something about that just seems so weird

  3. Hello, my name is andrew, i was reading this and my ex , is all of this and more, we had gone out for a years, and she , did a lot to me, and i saw it , and tryed working things, But to call me in the moring to plane my day for me, was not good for us, and then call me to see what i was up to at work , 3 times a day, She has just 2 friends that i know of, a dog and ikid that dose not like her mom ways in life, she would make me pay for all the things we did,. She was still marry to her ex after 2 year, would not tell me a lot about that when i asked , buit when i did she would get mad, When i came home to her, i had to be there buy 6 if not she would ask me why, and i if i did not give her a hug when i came in the door wright a way she would get mad at me, The frist 3 mouths was very nice, then she change and started doing do all this to me, I was walking on eggshell all the time around her, very mooned and had to talk to her lie she wanted me too, I know that was something up with her , she did drink one night and was bad on the phone so i did not talk to her that not the next day ,.I had got 73 t for her saying fuck you , you do not care what that all about , I had stay over doing the summer time this year for 3 weeks,and after it was done , i had want back home for 1 day , she got mad at me, did not talk to me for 2 day, and when she did she called me a roomate and ask me for 565.00 for that weeks that i stayed, i do not know, Her car need new tires she had ask me and i told her to ask her ex , it his car , i did not buy them and she did not talk to me for 3 days at all was very mad , but did ask me for one whole mouth and told her no, She told me that she love me after 3 mouths and would like me to move in , but i not at all , I could not to any things with out her after 5 mouths , she wanted ,me to be buy her side at all time, some thing was up with her and i new it, So i want on line and look up a needy women and there she was in black and white, She was doing this to me to get her needs of a man and to get was she wanted at all cost to her , and after reading about what she was up too. was not wright at all,
    So i took the paper on line and gave it to her about a needy women and ther needs and then we talk and she new that her time was up with me and that i was not going to play her game any more, and she told me wright then she did not love me and care for me at all any more,. juts so sad to me and i loved this women a lot to take the time to read and try to help someone and then they shit on you like that is not a good feeling to me, and i hope top god she gets help. One more things that was very funny to me, at christmas i give her money to go out and go shoping, after the 2nd of christmas she ask me for the money back, WHAT KIIND OF WOMEN DOSE THAT TO HER MAN SHE SAID SHE LOVE I JUST DO NOT GET IT AT ALL , I am happy that i did read about this and know the signs now. Thank you

  4. this content is really excellent. i've study so many of these types of content over the decades but this one really resonates. i've been with my sweetheart for about 9 several weeks now and although she does not fit all 6 requirements, it's excellent to keep an eye out for these symptoms.Quill

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