7 Easy Tips to Look Thinner Today!

No time to diet? Check out these smart and simple hints.
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7 Easy Tips to Look Thinner Today!

No time to diet? Check out these smart and simple hints.

-Susan Toepfer

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Charla Krupp never has to ask, Do I look fat in this? Her whole approach to dressing is to minimize the pounds. “I believe in a healthy diet and exercise. I love spin class!” says the bestselling author and style expert. “But I also know how much difference the right clothes can make.” In her new book, How To Never Look Fat Again (Springboard), Charla shares quick dress-thin tips for every figure problem.

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How to Never Look Fat AgainThinner at the gym: First, toss those bike shorts! “Nobody looks good in [those] shorts,” Charla stresses. Go for a chic, flattering yoga pant, either capri or ankle-length. (Or go for knee-length as Sarah Jessica Parker does above.) And forget about the oversize tee: “That makes you look shapeless. Instead, wear a ‘shimmel’ top, a stretch top with a bra built in, which covers the midriff and keeps you comfortably sleeveless.” If you’re larger than a C cup, Charla suggests a more form-fitting T-shirt and a sports bra that give you enough support. To lengthen the leg, wear socks that don’t show above your shoe. Still don’t feel thin? “Layer a sweat jacket or fitted hoodie over the outfit.”

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Thinner for a first date: If it’s casual, Charla swears by a great pair of fitted jeans (try to avoid the embellishments), paired with a V-neck top or sweater (as Christina Hendricks wears above) that pulls attention toward the face. In the summer, try white jeans and a sweater or tank top paired with a cute jacket. “Add a great belt if you’re thin enough.”

For a big night out, Charla recommends “a shirt dress with ¾ or long sleeves, which can cover all kinds of problems, including muffin top and Buddha belly!” A minimalist A-line dress also works to conceal bulges. While you’re at it, invest in opaque tights that go up to your bra band. “And always wear a heel,” Charla says. “It instantly subtracts pounds.”

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