7 Guys You Should Never Date

Why should you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming? Here's our guide to the guys to avoid.
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7 Guys You Should Never Date

Why should you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince Charming? Here’s our guide to the guys to avoid.

-Carolyn French

An arrogant man

If you ask me, there is entirely too much emphasis placed on finding Mr. Right. Sure we all want to happen across that grade-A picture-perfect Jon Hamm knockoff in the sea of unreliable rejects, but what’s even more important is staying the heck away from Mr. Wrong. Wouldn’t it be easier if they could be identified by a nametag or T-shirt?

To save you, our fellow Bettys, from falling for a complete toad, here’s a list of the top seven guys to be avoided at all costs.

The Flirt

Be afraid, be very afraid, of the super charming, too-cool-for-school skirt-chaser who gives you the once-over and turns your legs to Jell-O. This guy is trouble. Even if he makes you feel like the only girl in the room, his eyes will begin to wander after that initial encounter. To quote Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot:

“You don’t know what they’re like! You fall for ’em. You really love ’em, you think ‘This is going to be the biggest thing since the Graf Zeppelin’ … Then one morning, you wake up — the guy’s gone, the saxophone’s gone. All that’s left behind is a pair of old socks and a tube of toothpaste all squeezed out.”

Don’t wind up with the fuzzy end of the lollipop, girls. Do yourself a favor and leave Mr. Flirt to the real suckers.

The Workaholic

Ah, yes, Mr. Now-You-See-Me-Now-You-Don’t. Workaholics are the worst, because you’ll continuously find yourself torn between feeling guilty for asking him to work less, and feeling like you want to put all his ties through a shredder after he cancels dinner for the umpteenth time. Sure he’s loaded, but chances are he’ll end up spending that hard-earned dough on the colleague (or barely legal secretary) he ditches you for.

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  1. although the list had been made.. i’m sure there’s a desperate damsel out there.. who will kiss every frog just to find his prince.. so to those ladies.. mind the warts!!

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