7 Signs That Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Splitting

As rumors swirl about Brangelina calling it quits, we are looking for answers.
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Brad Pitt

3. Brad still hasn’t shaved off his bushy beard. If there is one thing that is designed to annoy a partner, exacerbate bad feelings and cause a split, it is fugly facial hair.

4. They didn’t attend the Golden Globes or SAG awards together. Even though Brad’s movie Inglourious Basterds was nominated (and won a SAG award for Best Ensemble Performance), the couple didn’t attend. Sure, Angelina wasn’t nominated for anything, but why not show support for her man? And I do recall that Angelina did the award show circuit in 2007, even though her mom, Marcheline, was in the final stage of her fight against ovarian cancer. Meanwhile, HollywoodLife.com is reporting that the couple is set to attend the Oscars together, and are even planning their outfits for the March 7 event. I’m not going to hold my breath…

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5. While Brad appeared at the Help For Haiti telethon on Friday night, Angelina didn’t. Yes, the pair donated a million dollars in the wake of the January 12 earthquake, but Angelina and Brad are both close friends of Haitian Wyclef Jean and Angelina is the most high-profile humanitarian in Hollywood. Her absence from the telethon (and Jennifer Aniston’s presence) is perplexing.

6. Where is Angelina? There were reports over the weekend that Angelina didn’t attend the SAGs or appear on the telethon because she was in New York, shooting a Vanity Fair cover, but a rep for the magazine told Us yesterday, “The reports from this weekend are incorrect.”

7. Angelina isn’t big on fidelity. In a December interview with German magazine Das Neue, Angelina reportedly said: “I doubt fidelity is absolutely essential for a relationship.” She added, “Neither Brad nor I have ever claimed that living together means being chained together. We make sure that we never restrict each other.” Is it just me or is this scarily similar to the interview that Brad gave to Vanity Fair in 2004, just months before he split with Jennifer Aniston, when he said: “I’m not sure it really is in our nature to be with someone for the rest of our lives, just because we made this pact. You keep going as long as you keep growing. When that dies, we do.”

Tell us: Do you think Brad and Angelina are headed for Splitsville?

Kathy Campbell is BettyConfidential’s Executive Managing Editor.

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0 thoughts on “7 Signs That Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Are Splitting

  1. I think this is sad. Whatever anyone thinks about them, they have raised a family and are doing great charitable work. Hopefully they will stay together if they can. (BTW,Brad’s beard IS fugly!)

  2. Well, Perez said that all this is bologna. He stated that a prenup has recently been done which may indicate they might be considering getting married. They are big movie stars with big schedules and lots of kids — so what if they do not attend an event together — and so what if they have not been photographed together for 3 weeks. They are married, but also individuals with careers and a big family; and they are not velcro’d to each other, they are also individuals and respect that about each other. I think they are fine.

  3. Yep, that facial hair is fugly. Ick. AND – I really don’t give a flying fig about Brangelina. Or Jennifer Aniston. Actually, Brad is prettier than either woman. Without the beard, of course.

  4. They need to figure out what’s best for their kids and move on. they never married and she broke up his marriage to Jen. I hope he and Jen get back togwther!

  5. Really who cares? She knew he was married and still went after him…. he was married and still cheated. He did not trade up with her… and his looks have diminished since he has been with her… Trailer trash with money….

  6. It takes two to break up a marriage..Brad could have said,”Back off I am married”.I don’t believe Jen would take him back since he got a house full of children….I just seen a clip where Angie& her brother honor her mom after her death..

  7. It must be hard as hell to have any kind of life when you have the press monitoring every moment of your life AND try to successfully parent 6 so diverse kids. How much time can there be for simple two-ness?
    Brad does need to ditch that aged chinese monk type beard he has been sporting. He’ll feel lots better about himself when he does.
    AJ never did have time to properly mourn her mother. Maybe she needs to close that chaptr before she can get on with her life.
    I have seen such love in their eyes in photos of them together that it seems sad to me that they can allow outside influence to cloud that.

  8. The breakup stories are just to sell those rag tabloids, once they cross a lime they sue and win. B&A are obviously in love and love their children who look amazing and happy. They are happy, I do think she had a tough time with her mother dying but who wouldn’t? I do think they go out of their way to be together as much as possible and take the family along to which ever place the parent is working – nobody is left behind for months like most actors families.

    If they argue once in a while who cares, like anyone married doesn’t disagree? Ha!

  9. Well, girls, the whole Brad & Jen reunion thing is mighty unlikely; it’s well-known Jen didn’t want kids and now Brad has a half dozen of ’em. Angelina is a cuckoo clock, no question, but I’m not totally sure these two are ready to split. If they are and do, you can pretty much bet it’s ALL Angelina. I just watched “Meet Joe Black” for the 2nd time; Brad is SICK GORJUSS in that film, if rather California surfer-boy looking. It’s all good by me, whatever his “look” and that includes the ZZ Top beard. LOL ! I feel bad that in his career, despite the amazing roles he’s played, he never gets anywhere near any critical acclaim; I think his looks actually work against him in that regard. I think he is amazing; as a Mother of 6, I can tell you VERY FEW men want to sign up for that gig; 6 kids is alot and most men run from that, at least in real life. I think he is just an amazing humanist/philanthropist & actor and I pray Miz Angie doesn’t do one of her usual crazy-ass relationship stunts. Don’t forget,her Dad pleaded with her to get psychiatric help and she disowned him for it. Brad is likely to get the same outcome, sadly. S’okay, Brad, you come on to RI, and I’ll take care of you AND your young’ens. :):):):) Any man who wants to be a Dad to 6 kids deserves that and more.

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