8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don't Want You to Know

8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don't Want You to Know
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8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don’t Want You to Know

These beauty secrets are surprisingly inexpensive to do at home!

 -Jenny Beres

 eva mendes

Besides surgery and Botox, there’s got to be something we’re missing. Secrets that celebrities use to keep themselves award-show ready, knowledge that we’d all love to get our hands on! I mean, how does Eva Mendes look so fabulous all the time? We did some research and found that occasionally someone lets a valuable piece of beauty advice out of the bag. Here’s what we dug up. I got a chance to sit down with my favorite makeup expert, Lindsey Mills, who pointed out some valuable beauty tricks that are happening right underneath our noses.

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1. White eyeliner

It’s a popular trick with supermodels. “White eyeliner opens up the eye, giving the appearance of bright, alert eyes,” says Lindsay. How to apply? To avoid looking ghostly, line only the inside corners along the bottom lash line for an open, wide-awake look.

Rimmel soft kohl kajal eye pencil ($2.69, drugstore.com)

rimmel soft kajal pencil

 2. Satin pillows

Lindsay states, “I tell my clients all the time, cotton is aging you!” What most celebrities seem to know that the un-famous are just figuring out is that quality pillowcases are worth the splurge. Why? Those tiny, sleep lines you see in the mirror when you wake up, eventually become deeper wrinkles. Satin and silk-blend fabrics don’t dent your face, adds Lindsay, “and they’re really great for your hair”. So unless you plan on sleeping on your back, it’s totally worth the money. Besides what’s pretty should be better for you.

Angel’s Dream standard size pillowcases ($39, atouchofsatin.com)

satin pillow

 3. Cranberry juice

Redheaded celebs take to rinsing their hair in this favorite juice to add extra shine and keep the color rich and lustrous.

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10 thoughts on “8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don't Want You to Know

  1. bethany26 says:

    You mention A Touch of Satin pillowcases with a link to their Angel’s Dream color. I purchased a set of their queen size pillowcases in Tahitian green a year ago after my hair stylist recommended them. I agree with you. A quality satin pillowcase certainly does make a huge difference. My skin looks much better and my hair is a lot healthier. I just love all of the colors A Touch of Satin offers. I think the Angel’s Dream color you link to will be the next set I buy from them. It’s a gorgeous color. Thanks for the other great tips!!! I will give them a try, especially brushing my teeth with the strawberries concoction.

  2. Martinskats says:

    Satin pillowcases aren’t good for those with oil skin.

  3. a_marie says:

    why aren’t satin pillowcases good for people with oily skin??

  4. rmgm says:

    I didn’t even know they made white eyeliner!

  5. heybby41 says:

    I am soo going to try these.

    One more thing– to have shiny, smooth legs, rub olive oil on your legs, then exfoliate by using a salt/sugar scrub. Wash off in the shower, shave, and rub on lotion afterwards. It’s a great tip I learned from a friend.

  6. Emmett North Jr says:

    I love everything about Eva,she’s been a favorite lady of mine for years,i’m in love with Eva,Emmett North Jr.

  7. paitwilliam says:

    Get the beautified face of a star from the leading provider of BOTOX NYC .

  8. Sharona says:

    Makeup artists know all the secrets to looking great — those little tricks that can be picked …

  9. Hollywood knows the secret. But I have the real secret of sublime perfume :)

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