8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don't Want You to Know

8 Beauty Secrets Stars Don't Want You to Know
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 4. Peppermint extract

Collagen injections? No thanks. It’s been reported that a few popular singers, prefer this trick to painful injections. “Peppermint extract is a natural plumper, because it dilates blood vessels.” Simply dab a bit on with your fingers and enjoy your youthful, plump pout.

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peppermint extract


5. Whiten teeth with strawberries

Ever wonder how celebrities maintain their gleaming smiles? A few A-list actresses have been known to smash up strawberries with baking soda (another natural whitening remedy, found in most toothpastes) and brush with the concoction at least a couple of times a week. Road Test Alert– I tried this, and I definitely thought my teeth looked brighter afterwards. The paste is a little thick, but try to think of it as a mask for your teeth.

 6. Face spritzer

Another supermodel trick, one that is keeping a certain 80’s supermodel looking lovelier and lovelier as the years pass, is a mixture of water and whole milk in a spray bottle. This spray, when spritzed on regularly throughout the day, locks in skin’s moisture and keeps your complexion glowing.

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 7. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a natural cleanser and toner in one. This trick used by Hollywood stars and models, keeps skin fresh, clear and evenly balanced. Just like any expensive toner- it helps to shrink the size of pores and maintain an even complexion. Added bonus? Lindsay tell us,” Citric acid acts as an exfoliator.” Have sun spots? Lemon juice is proven to help diminish the look of those too. Apply it to cotton balls and sweep entirely over face as a major part of your cleansing routine. Real Lemon lemon juice ($3.86, for two, meijer.com)

lemon juice

 8. Olive oil for waterproof mascara (and everything else)

Loaded with antioxidants A and E and non- clogging, olive oil is to beauty what sliced bread is for the sandwich. “It takes off even the hardest to remove eye makeup- and leaves your delicate under eye skin so baby smooth, smoother than your current eye cream,” states Lindsay. Road Test Alert– Curious to try it myself (hey, I like spilling a good secret!) I was stunned. After three days my under eye area looked hydrated, refreshed and my dark circles gone. Lindsay did tell me, “chronic dark circles are usually an issue of dry skin.” Immediately, I was obsessed and replaced my usual night eye cream with olive oil and have the softest skin I’ve ever had!

Jenny Beres is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter living and working in Los Angeles.

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  2. I am soo going to try these.

    One more thing– to have shiny, smooth legs, rub olive oil on your legs, then exfoliate by using a salt/sugar scrub. Wash off in the shower, shave, and rub on lotion afterwards. It’s a great tip I learned from a friend.

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