8 Simple Steps To Giving "Great Face"

Take it from Harvey Helms, our Cyber Main Gay, it is possible to look fresh and gorgeous every day without a ton of makeup!
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8 Simple Steps To Giving “Great Face”

Take it from Harvey Helms, our Cyber Main Gay, it is possible to look fresh and gorgeous every day.

-Harvey Helms

Harvey Helms

Okay, so you’re in front of your bathroom mirror brushing your teeth. Being the multi-tasker you are, while brushing, you’re also going through your bathroom drawers that are loaded with tons of skincare and makeup, including about 150 lipsticks you received during a million “Gift with Purchase” promotions and that you’ve never worn. You’re riffling through the drawers, pushing aside year-old mascaras, dried-up lip glosses and some things that are just not recognizable. I go through this women with everyday.  You think something new will make you younger, brighter, smoother … and nothing in your bathroom drawers seems to be up to the job.  Or you’re just bored and need a reason to shop.  I understand. 

I’ve “done” about 100,000 makeovers on women in my beauty career. I also have a gazillion clients.  You can throw in a few Cross Dressers and Drag Queens too! I almost know every product the beauty industry currently sells promising the gift of youth or all-out glamour to snare a significant other.  Unfortunately, I also know the yummy products they’ve discontinued. Now by saying that, I didn’t mean to bring up the memory of your all-time favorite lipstick or moisturizer that those witches discontinued! How dare they! Don’t they know that this could ruin our lives! No fear, my precious darlings. After years of seeing it all, and trying it all, I’m giving you the fast track to giving “Great Face.”  

This is not the all-out glam attack for special events like weddings.  This is a quick, tried-and-true process that makes getting ready in the morning stress free.

Most of the following products can be had with one-stop shopping at my favorite beauty shrine, Sephora. They have a Beauty Insiders program that’s like an airline frequent flier deal. You get points with every purchase that adds up to free goodies! Now I’m not telling you to buy these because I’m affiliated with any cosmetic company or retail store. I receive no compensation. I’ve used these fabulous elixirs and passed them along to my clients. They do what they say. Period.  It shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to give “Great Face” every day!  For you beauty junkies who love make up and skincare, you may consider adding these to your routine.

My 8 steps are revealed on the next page!

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