8 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Make improving your relationship number 1 on your list for the New Year.

8 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Make improving your relationship number 1 on your list for the New Year.

-Marcelina Hardy

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Relationships are supposed to be about getting all giddy when you think about your sweetie. It’s about daydreaming about the next time you’ll see him or get to be intimate with him.

Unfortunately, the reality of life sometimes gets in the way of those special thoughts. It can really wear on a relationship too, making it almost impossible to see what’s exciting about it anymore.

If your relationship has started to lose it luster, it’s time to turn the excitement up a few notches. It’s time to turn life back to the main focus of joy–– romance.

Here are 8 easy ways to add some sparks to your relationship:

1. Sweet text messages

How many text messages are you sending throughout the day about what is going on throughout the day? While these are great ways to show him that you thinking about him, sometimes it’s great to simple tell him how great of a guy he is and how happy he makes you. Turning the focus onto him and what he does for you can really change how he sees your text messages and may even make his heart melt.

2. Love call

It’s obvious that you call him when you need something but what about calling him when you just want to let him know you appreciate everything you do for you. He can sometimes feel that you only call when you need something. Change it up and call just to say, HEY – I want to tell you that I LOVE YOU!

3. Extra affection

Affection can get lost with the busyness of life. Remembering to give those quick pecks on the cheek or even those longer kisses on the lips before and after work are meaningful for keeping the passion in a relationship. Providing this affection out of the blue can sometimes be the best reminders of how much someone really loves you.

4. Take time to care

Have you ever known something was wrong with your partner but just didn’t want to deal with it at the time because you either didn’t feel like it or didn’t have time? This is a bad move for your relationship. It’s time to cut that out completely.

Each day, choose a time that you can sit with your sweetie and ask him about his day and ask if he has anything he would care to talk about. We all know that some men aren’t the biggest talkers so don’t push it too much. Just open the door in case he does have the need to talk about something.

5. Compliment him

How many times has he said something nice about how you look? Guys need the same recognition from time to time, even if they don’t want to admit it. Let him know he looks hot in those new jeans or his new haircut looks great on him. He’ll pay you back in a special way.

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6. Arrange a “Guy’s Night Out”

Most men don’t think their women want them to spend time with their friends. How impressed will yours be when you give him the go ahead and even surprise him with his friends doing the arranging for it? He’ll love you for it and you’ll be the prize.

Don’t sit at home while he’s out with his friends – go out and be with your friends. It’s important that couples have time apart with their own social outlets. It creates balance and happiness in a relationship.

7. Make time for sex

One of the most exciting things about a new relationship is the sex. To bring back excitement to an older relationship is to bring back the sex. Since sex can get monotonous overtime, it’s important to get creative and try new things. It’s also important to set time aside. It may not sound romantic to schedule sex, it’s necessary for some couples. You’ll find once you start to schedule sex, you’ll start to find more time for it. Before you know it, you’ll be in the habit of having it more, not having to schedule it and being more in the mood, being excited and having that passion you lost.

8. Doing for him will do for you

While it may seem like you’re doing all the work in the relationship to improve it, you are just getting the ball rolling. You’ll notice how your guy will return the favors your way, which in turn improves the relationship overall.

marcelina hardyMarcelina Hardy, MSEd is a freelance writer and relationship coach helping individuals improve their relationships and save their marriages from infidelity. Visit her website to download a free report, Is He Cheating On You?

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