8 Worst Reality Shows of 2010

These reality shows should've never made their way into our living rooms.
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8 Worst Reality Shows of 2010

These reality shows should’ve never made their way into our living rooms.

-Faye Brennan

The Hasselhoffs

There was a lot of high quality programming this year on television… and then there were the shows that made you wonder what our world is coming to. Here, the 8 reality shows of 2010 that made us cringe underneath the blankets as we hoped, wished, prayed that they would just go away!

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8. The Hasselhoffs
After only two episodes, David Hasselhoff’s brand new reality show about life with his two daughters has already been yanked off the air. Only 718,000 people tuned in to the series premiere this past Sunday night, and the second episode only captivated 505,000 people. That’s like no one in TV ratings land. So sorry, Mr. Hoff! Don’t relapes into a burger-eating frenzy!

7. Married to Rock

VH1 should rename this series, “Married to Has-Beens” or “Gold Diggers R Us” because that’s exactly what this show is about: vapid, plastic groupies-turned-wives and their husbands who were rock legends… 10 years ago. We’re sorry if we don’t want to watch a half hour of women helplessly following around their husbands who wear more eyeliner than we do.

6. My Big Friggin’ Wedding

My Big Friggin Wedding

The title of this series alone should scare viewers away — this is not your average TLC wedding series with pretty dresses, beautiful decorations, and intimate ceremonies. No, this is Jersey Shore meets True Life: I Hate My Fiance. Just read the show’s official description:
“MY FRIGGIN’ WEDDING is a docu-series that follows the drama of five over-the-top couples as they plan and execute the weddings of their off-the-wall dreams. Their budgets may not be the biggest…but their mouths often are, and just because they’re in love doesn’t mean they see eye to eye on how it should all go down.” Sounds like some quality programming!

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0 thoughts on “8 Worst Reality Shows of 2010

  1. Bridalplasty is one of the funniest comedies to ever grace my TV screen. Oh wait is it actually a reality show? You have got to be kidding! I thought it was a scripted comedy! Well, I know I lmao watching it, when I do, for a couple of minutes!! lol

  2. The entire time I was reading this, I thought, “Where’s Bridalplasty? Where’s Bridalplasty?” But I must admit, the show has a sort of fascination in the grotesque about it… I watched the first episode online about a week ago and the second one last night; for me, the intrigue is in the personal revulsion toward the kind of bride who would participate in this show.

    Isn’t the traditional advice that you shouldn’t even change your HAIR COLOUR before your wedding… let alone your nose???

  3. Kate+8 should be number one. At least the other shows feature adults who are capable of deciding for themselves to participate. K+8 is exploiting 8 children who have no choice in the matter, and is doing them irreparable harm.

  4. What about the Kardashian’s or the Pregnant at 16 or those idiotic shows that make unwed young teens want to have babies? And the Kardashians that are famous for what? Being overly made up idiots? I could really go on and on. This reality TV thing has become so blown out of proportion. Enough is enough. I like the reality crime shows but the rest is trash. Trash, trash, trash!!!

  5. the worst on my list would be anything with the no talent Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Kendra, Dancing with the Stars(sorry I totally hate this show), The Hills, Laguana Beach, all of the Real Housewives show.

  6. I agree with all of the above… except RH of Beverly Hills. Yes, it’s bad, but it’s not the WORST out there. The RH of DC should get that title. And as for Skating with the Stars? pee-yoo! But personally, I like the Kardashians show (haha)! It’s so ridiculously pointless that it’s entertaining! But I doubt the show can go another season…it’s done.

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