9 Celebs To Dress Like For Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, we bring you back this article that has everything from Snooki's poof to Lady Gaga's meat dress. Here's how to get the celebrities' looks October 31st!
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9 Celebs To Dress Like For Halloween

Just in time for Halloween, we bring you back this article that has everything from Snooki’s poof to Lady Gaga’s meat dress. Here’s how to get the celebrities’ looks October 31st!

-Shari Goldhagen

Lady Gaga

Halloween is the one day a year where normally tame women are allowed to slut it up and straight men can’t wait to dress in drag. It’s a day not to be squandered! But this year, why not nix the ghosts and Goblins in favor of these celebrities—arguably, they’re a lot scarier.

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1. Jersey Shore cast

Jersey Shore

Like many of the best Halloween costumes, this one requires a bit of advance preparation, a little GTL—gym, tan, laundry—if you will. While any gal can torture her hair into a Snooki poof and go solo, this really works best as a group gag. If your guys aren’t ripped, just paint on some situation abs. Turn a flat friend into Jwoww with some balloon boobs. And don’t skimp on the self-tanner and hair gel.

2. Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Tiger and Elin Woods

It may seem a little mean, but after the divorce smoke cleared these two were each left with several hundred mil; cry them a water trap. The guy just needs a golf shirt, Nike cap, aww-shucks grin and of course a cell phone with several naughty texts from strippers. The better half requires a blonde wig, an angry grimace, and of course a twisted golf club, she may have used to clobber the golf great.

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0 thoughts on “9 Celebs To Dress Like For Halloween

  1. girleegirl says:

    There are going to be so many Snooki’s running around the 31st.. scary.

  2. uptowngirl says:

    Ick I hope I don’t see anyone trying the meat dress!

  3. Fashionista says:

    I know, the kids that already dress like guidos are going to be at a loss for a costume. You can’t go as yourself!

  4. twayned says:

    What do you give a kid with a meat suit ??? A bottle of ketchup, charcoal , what ????

  5. ladycygnet says:

    I hate to be nitpicky, but it’s “‘stache,” not “stash.”

  6. vdub4 says:

    HAHAHAHA! “If you really want to be convincing find two less attractive women with black wigs to tag around with you.”

    TOUCHE, Shari! Funny stuff!

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