A Cure for Skin Cancer?

Scientists believe new vaccine cures melanoma.

A Cure for Skin Cancer?

Scientists believe new vaccine cures melanoma.

-Faye Brennan

A Cure for Skin Cancer?

As it gets closer to summer, the more we are reminded, “Wear sunscreen! You don’t want to get skin cancer.” Since melanoma is one of the most common cancers in young adults, we heed this warning, lathering up on SPF whenever we hit the beach or spend the day outside.

But a new vaccine currently being tested in the UK may provide hope for those already diagnosed with melanoma. When tested on 50 patients with advanced melanoma, 16 percent saw their cancer disappear completely, and 28 percent saw the size of their tumors shrink considerably.

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The vaccine, which targets tumor cells while leaving healthy cells intact, “will save thousands of lives a year,” predicts Dr. Howard Kaufman from Chicago’s Rush University Medical Centre.

This is a huge breakthrough in the medical field and in the fight against cancer.

Because of its success, scientists are hoping the vaccine will be available on the market within the next five years. Obviously, the sooner the better! (UK Telegraph)

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