A Fashionista in Search of Tiger Woods

Jennifer Goodkind enters Niketown in search for Tiger Woods.

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A Fashionista in Search of Tiger Woods

What’s a girl like her doing in a place like Niketown?

-Jennifer Goodkind

Tiger woods at Niketown eventPicture this: A fashion girl off to a testosterone-fueled event where Tiger Woods, the ultimate athlete, would be hosting his friends for a party celebrating the Xbox 360 game that has already hit stores – and parents’ wallets – around the country for $59.99 (Xbox) and $49.99(Wii) in the form of a virtual opportunity to play at Bethpage, home of this year’s waterlogged US Open.

So, what’s a girl like me doing in a place like this? I was asked to represent BettyConfidential.com at the official debut of Xbox 360’s/Wii’s latest addition to the Tiger Woods franchise: the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 2010. The red carpet and VIP party was at Niketown on 57th street between Madison and Fifth Avenues next to the flagship Tiffany store into whose windows Holly Golightly peered so longingly. Fans and uber jocks would enter into this sports mecca ruled by Nike, Goddess of Victory and Triumph. Her subjects are the adored and worshiped sports heroes represented on the walls and racks. Expected attendees: From Tiger Woods to the hottest new quarterback for the New York Jets Mark Sanchez. Sports gear, sneakers and virtual sports games are endorsed and sold with the Nike virtual guarantee: you’ll be one step closer to being on trend in the locker rooms, fairways, courts and playing fields (not to mention everywhere else) of the world. Now this I relate to! I feel exactly the same way when I put on a favorite pair of Christian Louboutin shoes: Will I be worthy of walking atop the same red sole shoes as all those fashionable and chic women before me?

Mark Sanchez
Mark Sanchez, cutie-pie / QB

I arrived at the over-sized glass doors of Niketown to a large crowd that had gathered to see Tiger Woods. I spotted a pair of starlets, Kara Dioguardi and Cheryl Burke, but to my horror, Tiger was already inside the store, on the red carpet and being photographed. I had come for the purpose of photographing and possibly interviewing Tiger and then and there, my dreams of being THE coolest chick to all my friends and husband’s friends, were gone. The elusive Tiger had vanished.

Kara Dioguardi
Singer Kara Dioguardi

When one door closes, another is opened. I noticed that Aerin Lauder along with a friend and their sons (armed with Sports Illustrated magazines and pens) were standing next to me awaiting admission. Who better for this wayward fashion reporter to glom onto but the heir apparent, top beauty mogul and Grand Daughter of the beauty empire Estée Lauder?! So we went in together, talking about how beyond excited the boys were at the prospect of meeting Tiger Woods.

Once inside, I assumed my position at the end of the red carpet and proceeded to interview the attending celebs. First up: Mark Sanchez, who has just signed a deal with Nike. Beside being a hunk of burning love, he shared with me that some of the qualities he looks for in a woman are humor and an overall package of good looks, balance and a positive attitude. After we chatted, he gave me a full on hug. This night’s assignment was looking up.

Sean KIngston
Rapper Sean Kingston gives great hugs

Next up was Sean Kingston. He was beaming with enthusiasm from finishing his new album Tomorrow (Sept ’09) and sporting 100 carats of high-wattage diamonds, from his Jacob The Jeweler watch to the pave diamond skating rink on the young rapper’s finger! We bonded over jewelry. Then I asked him what was “a turn on” for him when searching out a soul mate: “She has to cook … Ox tails … they are my favorite.” One thing is for sure, aside from the fact that his girl will be sporting serious bling: When this boy throws a hug your way, it is genuine and strong.

Danny Clark
Blinged-out NY Giant Danny Clark

Finally, NY Giants starting linebacker Danny Clark stood smiling before me, fresh out of the Giants’ boot camp where he says the hardest aspect is getting critiqued in front of all his peers. As for the ideal woman? He looks for a working woman – as in a woman who can support herself! He loves a woman who smells good and is into fragrance. Finally, he likes that one special quality that sets her apart: a dimple, a twinkle in her eye … Danny says he’ll know it when he sees it.

Cheryl Burke
Dancing With The Stars’ Cheryl Burke

I had started out the night with fear that I had stepped out of familiar and comfortable territory. Fashion has been my game. But, Tiger Woods has, like so many before me, elevated my game. I walked and talked easily among the jocks and sports banter. Jewelry, clothing, accessories, fragrance and beautiful people (not to mention Aerin Lauder) all added up to a most fabulous and fashionable New York summer night in Niketown.

Jennifer Goodkind is the co-host, with Jayne Chase, of A Fashionable Life. They are fashion reporters for ABC News NOW, where they cover the red carpet, Fashion Week and the business of fashion.

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