A Guide to His Equipment

The key things you need to know about his package and how it works.
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things every girls should know about the penis3. “Blue balls” happen, occasionally.
Many of us have been taught to believe that we have to get a guy off once we start to hook up with him, otherwise his balls will shrivel up and die. But this just isn’t true. First of all, a guy has to be close to having an orgasm and be aroused for a long period of time before that can even happen. And if “blue balls” does happen? “All a guy has to do is masturbate for them to go away; it’s not a medically dangerous condition,” says Kerner. “Blue balls is actually a pretty rare condition. It’s probably more common in young men who have relationships where they have ‘rubbing sex’ with women with their clothes on, or ‘frottage,’” says Dr. Nelson. Basically, if you dry-hump him for two hours, he’ll probably get blue balls. But if you’re just making out and don’t want it to go further, there’s nothing to feel guilty about. And more importantly, you should never feel like the “threat” of blue balls means you’re obligated to get a guy off. If you want to, go for it, but if not, you shouldn’t feel you owe him anything. He can very easily fix the problem by taking matters into his own hands, if necessary.

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 4. Bigger doesn’t always mean better.
On average, penises are about 3 inches long when limp and 5 to 6 inches when hard. The majority of guys fall into this range, although most want theirs to be bigger, of course. Ironically, “sex is more of a problem if a penis is too big,” says Kerner. A guy with a small one can make up for it with his movements and oral skills, but a guy who’s hung like a horse may make sex painful. If your guy has a little too much of a good thing, Kerner suggests that you “use lubrication and have sex in positions where you can control the thrusting.”

 5. Guys dribble before they shoot.
The last bit of info that all girls need to be aware of is that for guys, sex is like basketball: They almost always dribble before they shoot. And that dribble, i.e. precum (the stuff that comes out before guys full-on ejaculate) can carry STDs and get you preggers, just like the real thing. So pulling out is not a great method of contraception. In other words, if you’re worried about pregnancy or STDs, you should definitely use a condom.

Tell us: Has your partner ever had erectile problems? How did you deal with it?

BettyConfidential’s Sexpert Amber Madison is a sex educator and author of Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, and Talking Sex With Your Kids, which was released in March.

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0 thoughts on “A Guide to His Equipment

  1. I was married to a 30 second man in my first marriage. And I do not care how long he went down on me before hand, all that did was get me hot and wanting him inside me, only for it to last 30 seconds or for about 3 or 4 thrusts. It was a contributing factor to our marriage ending after 16 years. But I dealt with it and was deprived for 16 years and decided that for the next 16 I wouldn’t be. Maybe I’m selfish, I dont’ know. But we had other problems too.

  2. The profile of the guy in the picture looks significantly older than the woman… not that I am against mature relationships, but that picture just looks weird… anyone with me on this one??

  3. cremebrulee67, I am a guy and do not understand your comment. Did you or did you not have a climax with oral sex? My wife always does and makes love making much better. Also ladies keep in mind that taking viagra sometimes takes the guy a very long time to climax and sometimes it just does not happen.

  4. I’ve experience number 1 and the guy had no drinking problem or was on medication. I told him that he needed help in that department by bringing a sex toy in our act or to get help (medically) he ignored me saying nothing is wrong. He just couldn’t keep it up i left him on my second try as it was a waste of my time and the worst part about it he just wanted to keep doing it even though he was flaccid….I don’t care if i was being selfish but i don’t have any patience for a man to go down on me getting me hot and then after 5mins of contact he goes flaccid.

  5. Iam in my late 50s and still like sex. but now my partner cant get it up anymore. we sat down and decided that this was not something that we could do with out. so we ordered a penis pump problem solved. Try it and you will see that this is not something that you can give up why on earth would you want to. Married for 31 years.

  6. The comments here are a lot more interesting than the article, the most basic, generic of info. Unless you’re an adolescent girl (thus not reading this site anyway), can’t imagine anyone got anything out of this.

  7. As for #4, I have to disagree. I am an older women, let’s say close to 60, and I love sex. I go with a man who is younger than me. He has the biggest penis I have ever seen or had. This man is bigger soft than most men hard. I am a very small women, and it is hard for me to take all of him, but it feels so good when I do. And he knows how to work me, so I am satisfied when we are done. But I know he would be good no matter what size he was, because he knows how to please a women, and I know how to please him. We have very good sex life together. But I have had fairly good sex with smaller men, but most don’t care about pleasing a women, just themselves.

  8. I have been with the same person for about 20 years, when we first met, of course the sex was fun and exciting but now it seems as though our Sex life is determined by him meaning if he wants it we have it if he don’t want it we don’t have it…and it only happens if we watch Porn and have some type of Sex Toy that joins too give me both Penetration and Orgasm and while I am having this Orgasm he will in turn cum on himself…I am left feeling like a weirdo and I personally don’t like a big, plastic, cold, hard, gadget inside of me every time I want to be intimate with my partner. I still am young my body is still beautiful I myself am very pleased with my looks and I know if I want to I could cheat. I have mentioned often to him that I am not all happy with the “new” way of doing it Making Love yeah ok…but he just doesn’t get it.

  9. What I read here seems a tad one-sided. In the premature section it says that if a guy cant get his girl to orgasm before he cums that he should go down on her before hand to MAKE SURE it happens. But if the guy has blue balls from the woman not fulfilling her end of things, its OK, and the woman shouldn’t feel obligated.. wha?! both parties should get an orgasm. if its OK for the man to just “take matters into his own hands, why not the woman?

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