A Lament Over Jessica Simpson's New Show

Our resident poet has some words of wisdom for the star of The Price of Beauty.
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A Lament Over Jessica Simpson’s New Show

Our resident poet has some words of wisdom for the star of The Price of Beauty.

-Betty’s Poet Laureate

Jessica Simpson

Oh, what has become of our dear Miss Jess,
You’ve gone from lovable ditz to one hot mess.

Lately you’ve sent all our tummies a turning,
When on live TV you’re crashing and burning.

In promoting your show, The Price of Beauty,
You’ve strayed off message, abandoned your duty

Here’s our first lesson regarding public relations:
Talk about your new gig, not your sexual frustrations.

Read The End of American Idol?

For example, Jessica, when you appeared on The View,
The only topic discussed was boys you did or did not screw.

We concede, we did want to hear about John Mayer,
Then we did, now please move on, we no longer care.

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0 thoughts on “A Lament Over Jessica Simpson's New Show

  1. FBNYC says:

    Haha good one!

  2. jessica03 says:

    I missed the old Jessica Simpson. What happened to her?!

  3. bryony1 says:

    Betty’s Poet Laureate ought to stop writing “poetry.” More than half the time, the metre is off.

    Why don’t people leave Jessica Simpson alone. By that I mean, stop carping at every little thing she does and says. She’s been singled out and it’s not fair. You know what happens to a damaged chicken in a chicken yard, don’t you? Well, that’s what’s happening to Simpson. It’s shameful and unworthy.

  4. CelebsInDisgrace says:

    Love these poems! Thanks BETTY for including these creative responses to celebs. For more ‘celeb-inspired’ poetry, fiction and personal essays (some really wild), check out the StarLit. page at

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