A Day in the Life of Whoopi Goldberg

Whoopi Goldberg dishes about her day to day.

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Whoopi Goldberg Interview – A Day in HER Life

Behind the scenes at The View

-Kelly Will

Whoopi Goldberg and the cast of 'The View'I had the opportunity to speak with Whoopi Goldberg at a DIFFA luncheon, a charity she is involved with through her friend, designer and chairman, David Rockwell. Whoopi sits on the board as a trustee where she is helping to raise awareness and fund the fight against AIDS. Whoopi dished on her exact daily schedule and I was entertained by a moment to moment description of her wild, well actually, quite normal mornings leading up to the intense moments we witness daily on The View.

“I wake up at 5 a.m. every day and I read a bit or watch Battlestar Gallactica – which I’m addicted to! I shower, only because people want me to shower.”

“I feed my cat and promptly get into the car at 8:15 a.m.. I futz around the studio and Joy, Elisabeth, Sherri and I head into hair and makeup at 9 a.m.. We all get it done together and we talk about the papers and what we’ve seen. I take four seconds in hair and makeup, so I just sit there and talk to the girls while they get glamorous.”

“I go back to my dressing room at 10 and bug the hell out of my business partner, Tom. I ask inane questions – how long is an ant’s antler? I really do! Right before 11, we go upstairs and hit the stage for the show.”

How long is an ant’s antler?

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0 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of Whoopi Goldberg

  1. needcoffee says:

    i’m not a huge whoppi fan, but i do find it refreshing how she can go on air without all the makeup and clothes that every other woman on tv sports.

  2. deborah says:

    Always interesting to know what happens behind the scenes at The View.

  3. kitty says:

    nice to know she DOES take showers! LOL. she’s a riot — love how she’s totally HERSELF.

  4. dustyleelou says:

    Whoopie is great! Totally cool after all these years! Wish she was still hosting the Oscars!

  5. Carolyn88 says:

    Love heeeer! I still can’t believe her sitcom was canceled (few years back) … she’s a scream :D

  6. CaliGal says:

    Whoopi needs a makeover bad! Lose the glasses schtck already!

  7. sencerre12 says:

    You go girl! Whoopie is tres cool! And I agree, why was her hilarious sitcom canceled? You gotta love a show that has Keith Richards on it!

  8. lotsowritin25 says:

    i’m not a huge whoopi fan either but there’s something about that woman… hmmm… maybe the braids?

  9. CM-JJordan says:

    I love Whoopi. She’s original, funny and doesn’t care what people think about her. LOVE her.

  10. SNOOKY61 says:

    Whoopie is cool, if only they’d bag that annoying Elizabeth!

  11. RELLY says:

    I agree! Elizabeth needs to tape her mouth shut~

  12. cocobakerchica says:

    Whoopi Goldberg is definitely the real deal! She is who she is, non fancy clothes and all! Despite her being slammed for not dressing better, not wearing makeup or for her plain spoken attitude, I respect her for not changing her opinions for the sake of others’ feelings. She’s definitely a “cool broad”!

  13. CAMUS890 says:

    Whoopi is the best! She’s always has it going on and has the best advice of all the women on the panel cause she’s real!

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