Acting Inappropriately

A woman asks why men think it's OK to ogle other women in front of their significant others.


Inappropriate Behavior

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: Why do many men think it’s OK to ogle other women when they are with their significant others? Many even make remarks about them. “Wow, honey, there’s a real six-pack!” or comparisons: “Wish yours were as big as hers.” It’s very painful. Why do they do it?

Avery: Some men may make comments to or about women because of their insecurities. By saying things that are critical or complimentary, they MAY be trying to send a signal to the woman they’re with. This is a weak way of sending a message. If a man is unhappy with his girlfriend or wife’s attributes, then he should keep quiet about it or address it directly, but making snide remarks or verbalizing put-downs is definitely the WRONG approach.

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