Adam Lambert – Not a Diva, Just Likes Hair Product

Adam Lambert is not a diva!

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Adam Lambert – Not a Diva, Just Likes Hair Product

Look for a Clay/Ellen cover coming very soon!

-Kelly Will

Adam LambertAdam Lambert lost American Idol to Kris Allen, is publicly seen holding hands with maybe boyfriend Drake LaBry and goes on to win the Young Hollywood Artist of the Year award this weekend. It has been a crazy 2 weeks for the 27 year-old from Indiana, but friends tell me that Adam is down-to-Earth and a great guy.

“Adam is getting labeled as a diva, but he’s the farthest thing from it. He wants to have fun and enjoy everything that’s happening to him, but he’ll stay true to who he has always been.”

This Sunday night at Hollywood Life’s Young Hollywood Awards, my spies agree with Team Adam. “Adam was overwhelmed by the attention he received – from the moment he stepped out of his car, he was bombarded by fans, young and old, celebrity and not celebrity. The one person he really wanted to meet was Twilight‘s Catherine Hardwicke and she of course, was a huge fan of his.”

“Adam came with his publicist and he had a few friends meet him at the after party. He was not a diva at all and he was so excited about the Young Hollywood award, because it was ‘his first award ever’.”

I hear that Adam was a diva about one thing, his hair. He had it touched up by the team from Sebastian, while he was backstage and discussed at length, new styles he wants to try out. The singer’s album is expected to debut in a few short months and he has been hard at work in the studio 24 hours a day to get it ready fast for all the Lambert fans – my sources tell me that he is timing the release with a big news cover story that might just confirm all those rumors about his sexuality.

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0 thoughts on “Adam Lambert – Not a Diva, Just Likes Hair Product

  1. good for him! i am a huge fan of adam!!! (upset he did not win AI tho).. and if adam does not want to speak about his sexuality, he does not need to – i will adore him no matter what!

  2. People – get with the present – who cares if he is gay already. Why don’t we do a big article on Kris Allen and if being gay will affect his career. Geez, I really think some people are so shallow. Adam is a talented nice young man period and that’s it.

  3. Correction for previous quote: “Why don’t we do a big article on Kris Allen and if being straight will affect his career?” I was so wound up, I made a key word mistake. Everybody – leave Adam alone about his sexual preferences – nobody is asking you about yours.

  4. You know, Perez gives Adam such a hard time about not being open with his sexuality. Leave the boy alone. He’s a kid! Can you imagine just starting out in this world, and being pushed to share yourself so fully? This poor kid!

  5. Who cares about his sexuality? The man can SING. I’ve been watching AI since day one, and I knew he would go far. He will have a great career no matter what!

  6. Adam Lambert is not only the most talented singer that has ever been on American Idol -he is one of the most talented singers I’ve ever seen or heard. Let him get on with his career now because it’s going to be an amazing thing to see happen.

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