Alias Michael Vartan on Life, Love and His New Role

Alias' Michael Vartan on life, love and his new role

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Alias‘ Michael Vartan on Life, Love and His New Role

The star of HawthoRNe hearts his dog, will marry

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Michael Vartan and Jada Pinkett SmithMichael Vartan, the beloved actor who played Sidney Bristow’s longtime love interest, Michael Vaughn on Alias, is back in a new television show, TNT’s HawthoRNe. The heartthrob plays a doctor opposite Jada Pinkett Smith and the French-born bilingual actor filled us in on his new show and the true love of his life, his dog, Millie. At 40, he’s very single, so sexy and just a little shy.

Gossip Betty: Tell me about the new show – who are you to Jada’s character?

Michael Vartan: I’m loving being a part of a medical drama. I play Dr. Tom Wakefield. Jada is the executive producer and heart of the show – I’ve never worked with anyone as small as Jada before!

Jada is the director of nursing at a North Carolina hospital, her husband dies and we end up becoming close friends. I think nurses are our everyday heroes.

Gossip Betty: Know any good doctor talk?

MV: I need 30 cc’s…get me the thrombelizer. (Laughing)

Gossip Betty: Who’s the real lady in your life?

MV: My dog, Millie. She’s a 5 year old chocolate lab and I love her. She’s my therapy.

Gossip Betty: Tell me about one of your sexy arm tattoos?

MV: I have many tattoos but Millicent (Millie’s full name is on his forearm) is my favorite.

Gossip Betty: What are you afraid of?

MV: My biggest fear is probably flying. I don’t mind being in the air, but the other parts scare me.

Gossip Betty: What do you love to do when you are not working?

I love hockey – L.A. Kings and for baseball, it’s the New York Mets. I watch and play a lot of sports in my downtime.

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