Allowing Yourself to Be Powerful

The power of you: Learning to be powerful beyond measure.

Betty’s New Year, New You Series

The Power of You

Allow yourself to be powerful beyond measure

-Michele Woodward

Betty’s New Year, New You Series is dedicated to making 2009 your best year ever. Find more articles in the series below.

confident womanThere’s a quote I particularly love … do you know it?

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” (Marianne Williamson, A Return to Love).

When I work with people — whether they’re looking for a job or trying to do the job they have better; whether they have a big decision to make or a crisis to handle — they focus on where they feel weak. Time after time I see people stuck and wallowing in their deficit, when the only real solution is to stand powerfully in their strengths.

They need to be powerful beyond measure.

What do I mean? How do you shift from a position of weakness to strength?

It’s not waiting for someone else to give you permission to do what’s best for you.

What do you really want to do? Stay in on a Friday night instead of going out to the movies because you’re strung out from your work week? OK. So, name the person or idea that’s keeping you from speaking up and saying, “I’m going to stay in tonight.” Now, does that person or idea deserve to have the power to keep you from what you really need (which is rest and self-care)? Nope – only you have that power. Remember, you’re the best expert on you. If you find yourself constantly waiting for other people to tell you that what you want is OK, find one little opportunity today to listen to the direction of your own inner voice – and heed it — and you’ll move toward your most powerful stance.

It’s saying what you need to say — including the word “no” — rather than what you’re expected to say.

Good little girls learned to go along to get along. We squelched our instincts and sometimes completely lost our own, unique voices. Poor little good girls. Of course, at the same time our brothers and boy cousins were learning to say yes or no whenever they felt like it. Who ultimately benefits when you don’t speak up? Why, the people who are speaking up! Because there’s no argument! And they get to be King of The Forest. When you live your life without expressing your preferences or opinions, you may think you’re smoothing the waters and making things “easier” – but you are also living without a voice, and without a choice, and without personal power. How to turn it around? Practice saying no to little things, and soon you’ll find it easier to say no to the big things – the big things that keep you from being your best self.

It’s doing more of what you’re good at and that you like, rather than doing things that sap you.

Imagine spending more of your time doing things that you’re passionate about, that fill you up, that bring you joy. What a life that would be! How do you do it? Start by inventorying your strengths. What are you good at? Where is your passion? What are your unique abilities? If you’re so down on yourself that your immediate response is “nothing,” enlist the help of a kind, caring friend (who has absolutely no agenda) and listen carefully to the way they describe you.

Because they will be describing your best self.

Being powerful beyond measure means living every moment as your best self. It’s about knowing yourself deeply and loving everything about you. Everything. Even the extra pounds, the bad hair days, the annoying habits, the fear. ‘Cuz once you love that about yourself, no criticism from others will really matter. You’ll be powerful beyond measure.

And, I’m not talking about the kind of power that gives you dominion over others or makes you rich or famous. I’m talking about the kind of power that makes you clear. Happy. Certain. Authentic.

I’m talking about the power that you already have inside you. I’m talking about The Power of You.

It’s right there inside you — all your strengths, gifts and talents. All you have to do is use them. Every day. And you will profoundly change your life.

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