Am I Cheating?

A woman asks if what she is doing constitutes as cheating.


Is it Cheating?

Dear ASK REAL GUYS: I am seeing this guy and we talk all the time and have “sleepovers” occasionally. There is also another man who I have the same kind of relationship with, and neither one has made any attempt to make things exclusive. They each don’t know that I am seeing the other, and I’m wondering if that constitutes as cheating on my part. What do you think?

Avery: If you have not had “the talk” with either of the guys, you are not cheating. What’s more important is how YOU feel about having “sleepovers” with two different men at the same period of time. You should also assume that these two guys are having “sleepovers” with other women who YOU are not aware of, so you should be sure to practice safe sex. Unless you have “the talk” with a man about being exclusive, it’s safe to assume that he has other women in HIS life, just as you have others in yours.

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