I'm Losing It: There's a Dog In the Library!

This arrticle is a "losing it" moment by Joseph Federico.

I’m Losing It

Am I Seeing Things?

Yes, there’s a dog in the library…

-Joseph Federico

Nervous College student Last week, I had a vicious stomach virus and was out of commission for the better part of the week. I was sleep deprived, and really didn’t eat a heck of a lot; my diet consisted of various soups and teas and growing up in an Italian household, that just isn’t acceptable whatsoever!

This was the second time in about a month and a half that I had contracted the virus and it took all my might to fight it and get it the heck out of my system! Finally, on Friday morning, I awoke with the face of a warrior and took to the “great outdoors” with much excitement; I was going to go to class whether
my body liked it or not.

I ventured off to school without a hitch, took on my first class, and was looking forward to a little free time before my next one. I decided to go into the school library to check my e-mail. When I sat down, it was as if I entered a whole different world. As I was typing an email to one of my professors, I slowly turned my head to the left and thought to myself, “Joe, are you losing it? You were sick for the better part of the week, so maybe you’re seeing things!” Nope, I wasn’t seeing things; there was a dog sitting right next to me on the floor of the library. The owner looked completely competent and didn’t look like she needed a seeing-eye dog. For all I know, she needed the dog for some kind of guidance or special need. I will tell you one thing, being sick and self-starved, and then returning back to the real world only to realize it’s been turned upside-down makes for one heck of a welcome back story. After clearing my head and rationalizing about what I had just seen, I booked it to the cafe and had myself a soft pretzel and Gatorade.

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